5 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Men

Hiking in a wet condition can be a very challenging task to complete for most hikers. This is mainly because the hiking trails are wet, muddy and dump. That’s why buying the right waterproof hiking boots are essential to your hiking trip.

Here at menhikingboots.com I take a closer look at some of the best waterproof hiking boots in the market for men. I based our judgment on the popularity, the highest reviews and how good the boots are in water conditions. With that being said, let get right into it.

Keen Galleo Waterproof Hiking Boots

Price: £90.59 – £162.11

Colours Avaliable: Cognac, Dark Chocolate, brown and Night OceanaKeen Galleo Waterproof men Hiking Boots

The galleo waterproof hiking boots is by far one of the best hiking boots to use in a wet condition. This is because of the material being used, lacing structure, the soles and size. Below I have gone in-depth in each of them.

Material: The boots is made of nubuck leather upper. I believe Keen Footwear did a great job in using a material like nubuck leather to make this hiking boots instead of using a different material like suede. Nubuck leather is made from the outer-layer of a calfskin or cowhide.

This makes the outer layer very tough, durable and more resilient compared with materials such as bonded leather. The nubuck leather covers the whole of the boots which is a good thing due to the high water-resistance it obtains. On top of that, the boots have Keen’s own Keen.Dry waterproof membrane which slows water from entering the boots and making your socks wet.

Lacing Structure: The majority of the lacing structure is made of metal eyelets. Metal eyelets are fantastic structure to have due to the flexibility and speed that it gives you when lacing your boots especially when you are hiking in a wet condition.

There are two metal-webbing loops that links to the webbing strap which leads to the top of the heel. Hiking in wet condition can be very slippery and dangerous. However, Keen Footwear have tried to reduce the possibility of you slipping by adding a locking metal lace hook which is directed at the bottom of the heel.

The Outsole and Midsole: The outsole of the boots is made of dual compound rubber whiles the midsole is made of direct attach PU. This is a great combination of materials used because it gives you good stability and good grip when hiking through the wet or muddy trails.

Size: In terms of fit and size. The front size of the boots have big room and it would surely fit people who have big feet. Although, there are also different sizes available based on your size and fit.

Men’s Wanderer Waterproof Hiking Boots

Price: £83.03 – £137.17

Colours Avaliable: Cascade Brown and Dark Sea, Night
Men's Wanderer Waterproof Hiking Boots
Keen wanderer waterproof hiking boots is famously known for it “all-weather versatility and comfort”. This is because of the material used, it protection, cushioning and comfort.

Material: The materials used to make the wanderer waterproof hiking boots is kind of similar to the galleo waterproof hiking boots although here it involves a lot of PU injection process and it was made in Europe. The PU injection makes the boots durable even when used in wet condition when compared with lightweight EVA foam which are widely used in lightweight shoes.

Furthermore, since the boots are made in Europe they come in lower volumes than the ones made in America. What I really love about this waterproof hiking boots is the PU heel plug. This takes the sting out of the pavement and give you a good grip when hiking on a slab trails.

Protection: When it comes to protection, it is made of Keen.Dry waterproof breathable membrane. This is super cool and it stops the water from entering your socks and allows air to pass through your legs. However, the drawback to this it cannot handle deep stream due to the low-cut ankle. Overall, wanderer waterproof hiking boots are perfect for lower level and moorland-type walking and rainy conditions that are not that heavy.

Cushioning and Comfort: The wanderer waterproof hiking boots is excellent when it comes to comfort and cushioning. The insole is made of removable metatomical dual density EVA. This material is designed in a soft and smooth way. This makes your feet, ankle and toes comfy and gives them good cushioning whiles hiking through the wet condition.

Cascade Pass Waterproof Men’s Boots

Price: £157.02 – £240.00

Colours Available: Major Bright Copper and Black Mountain Red
Cascade Pass Waterproof Men's Boots
When it comes to designing the best waterproof hiking boots for men then Columbia is surely in the top class. Their cascade pass waterproof for men is perfectly designed and have strong features for wet condition. This involves the material used, the outsole, midsole and durability.

Material: These boots are made of suede leather, mesh and webbing. Suede leather can be made from any animal however it is mostly made from lamb, alongside goat, deer, pig and calf. This is a smart move from Columbia because the suede leather gives it a soft and luxurious feeling when you wear the boots. The downside to this material is that it can get dirty easily and absorbs water easily when hiking in a wet condition.

But the mesh and webbing solves the problem. Since the mesh is made from polyester and is woven together with the webbing and suede leather, it resists the water from entering the boots.

Outsole and Midsole: Hiking in a rain can make your feet numb, tired and slow you down as a result. This is where the different parts of the boots comes to your aid. The midsole is made of techlite lightweight which provides a lasting cushioning and comfort during the rain.

In addition, the midsole is made flexible which gives you a great response on the wet trails. The outsole on the other hand is made of solid non-marking rubber which creates a strong wall to resists the water from entering the boots.

Durable: This type of hiking boot is designed to last for a long time. So the fact of the matter is you can re-use this boot over and over again in a wetty condition without woring out very quickly.

Men’s Redmond Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot

Price: £67.60 – £228.66

Colours Available:  Cordovan, Dark Banana and Black, Gypsy
Men's Redmond Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot
If you are someone who loves to always hike in pouring rain then you would surely love the redmond waterproof mid hiking boot. Not only can you use it in pouring rain but you could also wear it for daily activities such as picnics and even use it to do three-legged races. What made redmond waterproof mid hiking boot so good to use in the wet condition is the materials used, waterproofable, midsole and outsole.

Material: The redmond waterproof mid hiking boot have the same materials used for the cascade pass waterproof. For more information on the materials been used please check the section on cascade pass waterproof for men.

Waterproofable: One of the key strengths of this boot is how it is waterproofable. It is designed with omni-tech waterproof breathable seam-sealed membrane bootie construction. This is a nice feature to have when hiking in the rain because the seam-sealed used does not create small holes in the garment through which water can seep in and soak your socks. This is why hiking in the redmond waterproof mid hiking boots through rainy conditions can still make hiking fun.

Midsole and Outsole: The midsole of the boots is designed with techlite lightweight. The techlite technology is one of Columbia’s greatest innovation when it comes to designing footwear. The techlite lightweight used in this waterproof hiking boots gives you high return, good cushioning and absorbs a lot of energy. The greater percentage of that energy recovers as the midsole expand back to it unloaded shape during push off. This is vital when hiking through the rain because it makes the boots light and gives you good cushioning.

The outsole on the other hand is made with omni-grip non-marking traction rubber. The omni-grip provides the right grip for the wet trails. This gives you a good stability and reduces your chances from slipping to the ground.

Asolo TPS 520 GV Hiking Boots For Men

Price: £342.94

Colours Available: Brown
Asolo TPS Hiking Boots For Men
And finally, the last waterproof hiking boots for men in this post is the asolo tps 520 gv hiking boots. This is own by a family Italian company and we believe it got good features to hike through the rainy condition. These include the materials used, lacing structure, midsole and outsole.

Material: The upper part is covered with a full grain leather at around 2.8 millimeters which gives it a sleek and glossy look. This really makes it durable and rugged. The upper layer of the boot makes it water resistance and shed the rain whiles hiking through the muddy, dump and wet trails. Furthermore, it involves gore-tex waterproofable breathable membrane underneath the grain leather which stops your whole feet from getting wet.

Lacing Structure: The boot is specifically designed with riveted eyelets because it increases the durability of the boots during the wet condition compared with standard fabric eyelets used on other waterproof hiking boots. Another benefit of the riveted eyelets is how it gives you the ability to lace the boots at a fast pace in the rain.

Midsole and Outsole: The midsole is made of a dual density PU sole which makes the boots firm and gives you a lot of support during the rain. The amazing thing about this boot is that it is built on an azo flex lasting board which is specifically designed based on the gender and size. This really gives the boot the right amount of flex and protection. In addition, the boot includes anatomic light foot-bed inside the boots which gives you so much comfort and support in the rain.

The outsole is made in a triple power structure EVO which gives you a good grip on the trails and give you a nice traction. And the beauty of this structure is how it is self-cleaning. Therefore, you can maintain the neatness of the boots no matter how you hike through the wet conditions. The cool thing about the outsole is that even if you wear the treads down, you can resell them and get it done.

Final Thoughts To keep On Board

As we have come at the end of this post. I would like to give you some final thoughts to take with you when buying waterproof hiking boots for men. Firstly, always check the materials which are used to make the boots because this really determines how good the boot would perform in the rain.

Secondly, make sure the midsole and outsole are of good quality and well design because this would determine how stable you will be in the rain. On top of that, a good midsole and outsole well give you a good comfort and warm whiles hiking in the rain.

And lastly, try to buy the right size and weight that would fit you perfectly when you hike through the rain. This would make your feet more smooth and would give you the freedom to hike through the rain smoothly.

I hope you have really enjoy reading this post on the best waterproof hiking boots for men. If you have any questions or thoughts on the best waterproof hiking boots for men, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip.





  1. These sound like some great hiking boots. They seem to use some good quality materials as you described. Where would you recommend getting them from?

    • You are absolutely right Jim. The materials used to make these hiking boots makes it waterproofable in the rain. I would recommend you to get these types of boots at amazon or at the manufacturers website such as Keen Footwear, Columbia etc. I hope this helps.

  2. My wife and I are looking for hiking boots/shoes that we can take with us when we travel, so they need to be small(ish) and not weigh too much. Waterproofing isn’t that big of a deal as I don’t see us hiking in the rain, so light weight and comfort are key. When we were in Hawaii and New Orleans, we hiked ALL OVER and this was the highlight of our trips.

    What would you recommend?

    • Hello Dave, since Hawaii and New Orleans are very hot state. I would recommend you and your wife to get lightweight hiking shoes for the hike. This includes hiking shoes such as Salomon X Ultra 3 Low and Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Low. These hiking shoes well suite you perfectly because of it’s comfort, durability and awesome traction. I hope you find this useful.

  3. Hi Kuu,
    My family loves to hike especially during fall and spring time. Our hiking shoes are Columbia brand. It’s good to know some other brands out there from your article. One thing that captured my attention when I read the Men’s Wanderer Waterproof Hiking Boots is the Heel Plug. This is the first time I heard about it and I’m not quite sure if I understand it’s function. Can you please elaborate? Thanks!

    • I’m happy that you liked the post. The heel plug is used in the Men’s Wanderer Waterproof Hiking Boots to hold your foot in place and give you enough stability when you are hiking through the wet trails which have grass for example.

      This stops you from slipping onto the grass and gives you a strong grip to hike through the trail. I hope this answer gives you enough clarity about the heel plug. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Kuu,
    thank you for sharing such a great information about Waterproof Hiking Boots.
    You are right its really hard to buy something good on the market and if there is something its usually for a very high price.
    I trust this product and I think the price is good as well.

    Thanks again for great research you have saved my time on it 🙂

  5. From your description, it sounds like the heel plug is for more traction. This is important for any hiking shoes/boots as some trails are slippery especially going downhill or uphill which are dangerous at times. Thanks!

    • You are absolutely right Ian. I am happy to see that you understand the usefulness of the heel plug after my clarification.

  6. Great article! You have went into great detail to provide the best water proof boot! Everything from durability to the color options! I will definitely be back to look into the perfect boot for my husband!

    Thank you for the great information!

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