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There is more to hiking than just a mere exercise. 

Hiking presents us with the opportunity to explore nature, spend quality time with our dear ones and most importantly, understand the essence of life. For this reason, I have always been passionate about hiking and exploring various places of interest such as Offa’s Dyke in Wales.

However, from choosing what type of hiking boots to buy, to determining whether it is suitable for the occasion, and preparation towards hiking can be difficult. Through experience, I used to struggle with deciding the type of hiking boots to purchase online or shop as more websites had limited information regarding men’s hiking boots.


After completing my secondary school, I signed up for a program called the NCS (National Citizen Service).

This program is designed to allow students who are from the age 15-17 years to challenge themselves into getting out of their comfort zones and doing something they have never done before.

This includes doing activities such as hiking, camping, caving and other activities. When I signed up for the program, we went to Wales for one week and this is where I had my first hiking experience.

It was amazing to experience the sense of peace and joy whiles walking along the trails and having that beautiful moment to contemplate on how awesome nature was. Although the peace and joy only lasted half way the journey when heavy rain started to fall.

This really made the journey a little uncomfortable because the trails became muddy to walk along and since it was my first time doing hiking, I wasn’t wearing a suitable hiking boots that suited the trip and the conditions.

This is all due to the lack of information available on hiking boots especially on men. This as a result gave me that burning desire to create this website to give people the latest men’s hiking boots in the industry.


For this reason, this website aims to bring you closer to all the latest information on this evolutionary industry of hiking boots so that YOU can make a decisive choice and have a FANTASTIC AND AMAZING  hiking experience.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,


KUU                                                                                                                            support@menhikingboots.com


  1. Very Useful. This website makes hiking boots purchase easy and simple. I would rate it 5 star

    • Thanks Mandi and I am happy to see that you like my website. One of my goal is to bring different options of hiking boots to people who love hiking through this website. So stay tune for more.

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