Asolo Drifter GV Review – Your Ideal Boot For A Backpacking Trip

Asolo Drifter GVProduct: Asolo Drifter GV

My Rating: 4.8/5

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Are you going for a backpacking trip? Are you going to hike either in the winter or summer?

If you answered ‘YES’ to both of the questions or even one of the question. Then I have the perfect boot for you. It’s called the Asolo Drifter GV. This boot has wonderful features that is going to suit your backpacking trip or weather condition.

The features that Asolo Drifter GV have includes, Gore-Tex lining, suede leather, EVA double density, Vibram® with Mega-grip compound, classic lacing system, and toe rubber cup.

Below I have gone in-depth into each of the features on why I think this Asolo Drifter GV is an excellent boot for hiking and backpacking.

Material Used

The upper of the boot is made of suede and high tenacity nylon. These materials make the boot durable and comfortable right out of the box. Also, it gives the boot a little flexibility on the trails.

Furthermore, the materials used makes the boot lightweight which puts Asolo Drifter GV in the lightweight category of hiking boots. The lightweight of the boot is not going to put a lot of weight on your feet whiles you are hiking or doing your backpacking trip. Therefore, you wouldn’t get tire easily on the trails and this will give you an advantage to hike for long hours or even days.

Waterproof And Breathable

This boot is made of Gore -Tex lining. This means the boot is 100% waterproof and at the same time it’s going to keep your feet breathable. Again, this makes it perfect for summer and winter walks because the Gore-Tex lining will maintain the temperature of the boot.

So that your feet doesn’t get too warm or too cold inside of the boot. This happens by allowing fresh air to come inside the boot whiles moisture leaving the boot. The beauty of the waterproof system is how it protects your feet till the gusseted tongue level.

This shows that the boot will keep your feet dry till your ankle section. It’s important to take great care when stepping in ponds or wet areas on the trails that have high level water.

Lacing Structure

The Asolo Drifter GV has a classic lacing system. For me personally, this is where the Asolo Drifter GV excel and make the boot stand out. It’s very similar to Danner Mountain 600 in some respect. Let me break the lacing system down so that you can get an idea on how good it is.

At the front part of the boot, there are eight eyelets that looks like bullets. These eyelets are made of metal which Asolo Drifter GV lacing structuremeans it’s going to take time for it to break down or rust. The issue with these bullets eyelets, is that they can be difficult to pull the laces through them. However, once you manage to pull the laces through them and tight the laces, it’s going to fit your feet perfectly and give you a nice stability as you hike.

At the top of the ankle section, there are four lacing hooks. Two on either side. These are wide enough to allow you to tigh the laces the way you prefer it. You can either tigh them tight or loose them.

The middle of the tongue has a piece of shock cord to hold the laces down and make it look organized. This way the laces doesn’t loosen up whiles you are hiking on the trails.

And the last section I want to talk about in relationship with the lacing system is the leather lock cord. This is located at the side of the boot. It’s similar to the Lowa Tibet GTX cam lock system. The only difference is the Asolo Drifter GV is made of leather whiles the Lowa Tibet GTX is made of metal.

The benefit of the leather lock cord is that, it’s going to give you a good grip whiles you are tighting the laces. Also, it will help the boot to mould quickly and adapt to your feet. This makes your hiking very smooth when there are no laces coming off the boot.

Toe Box and Oval Synthetic Leather

There is a rubber toe cap at the front of the boot. This is going to protect your toes when you hit against a rock or kick your toes against something on the trails.

In addition to that, there is an oval synthetic leather stitched beside the boot. This is going to protect the leather from scratching, abrasion and scuffs. This will really help maintain the leather and make it last long.

The Insole, Midsole, and Outsole

It’s time to look at the outsole, midsole and insole.

Asolo did not specifically state what they used to make the insole. However, from my personal experience and Asolo’s record at making insole, I assume it is made well. I’m pretty confident that the insole of the boot is going to give you a nice comfort and stability on the trails.

The midsole of the boot is made of EVA double density. The way Asolo moulded the EVA is going to give you extra cushioning, structure, and stability on the trails. Therefore, you wouldn’t have any issue with your leg getting discomfort whiles you backpack for hours or days. Asolo Drifter GV outsole

The boot is built on Asolo-flex lasting board. The whole point of this is to give you a nice shape to your feet and customized stiffness. Moreover, it’s going to mould and create a pattern depending on your gender and the size of your feet.

The outsole of the boot is made of Vibram with Mega-grip compound. This is a highly technical sole that is going to give you a good grip on the trails. Furthermore, the outsole is very grippy which makes the sole durable and at the same time allows you to hike on multiple terrains with ease. The lugs underneath the boot are self-cleaning. This is going to clear out debris and mud from the boot. This helps to maintain the neatness of the boot at all times.

And the last thing I want to point out about the outsole is the braking system. The braking system is underneath the boot which is going to give you extra power to stop or slow down when you are going down steep hills. On top of that, there is a pro-nation control which is going to give you control and grip on the trials.

One thing you want to consider about this boot is the outsole. If your outsole wear out, you can inform Asolo so that they can re-make the outsole for you. This is very efficiency because it’s going to save you a lot of money from buying new hiking boot.

Ankle Section, Heel Pulling and Height

The ankle section has got a lot of padding. This is going to give you a lot of cushioning and support on the trails. There is a big heel pulling at the back of the boot which is going to help you pull your feet in and out of the boot with ease.

The height of the boot is mid-cut. This is going to give you excellent ankle support and help placed your ankle in the perfect position. This makes the hiking journey very easy without having to put a lot of tension on your feet, heels or ankle.

Colour Selection

Unlike hiking boots such as Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX or Danner Jag that has varieties of colours to select from. The Asolo Drifter GV has got limited colours to choose from. In fact, there are only there colours to select from. They have grey, ash and graphite/gunmetal. Below are the colours available to choose from.

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As we come to the conclusion about the Asolo Drifter GV. It’s very obvious that this boot is ideal for backing trip or walking with it in summer or winter condition. There is so many features to like about this boot which you want to consider checking it out and adding to your backpacking boots list.

The suede and high tenacity nylon is going to make the boot last for a long time. Furthermore, the way these two materials are designed gives the boot a very a unique aesthetic. Designing a very colourful aesthetic is one of the character traits of Asolo.

Excellent waterproofing which is going to give you breathability as well. When you managed to tigh your laces correctly and tight, the boot will fit you perfectly giving you good grip on the trails. The hard rubber toe box will give you good toe box protection and the oval synthetic leather will make the materials last even longer.

The insole, midsole and outsole all combine together gives you cushioning, stability and comfort on the trails. This is going to make your hiking journey more enjoyable and smooth. The only drawback I could think of is the limited colour selection. Apart from that, this boot is perfect for backpacking trip.

One key thing that I want to highlight about Asolo and this boot is how they are all made in Europe. In addition to that, about 90% of materials used by Asolo are also sourced from Europe. This tells you that, all Asolo boots are of high quality made.

I hope you have really enjoyed reading this post on Asolo Drifter GV review. If you have any questions or thoughts on the Asolo Drifter GV, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. ????




  1. Kuu,

    My husband and I love hiking in the mountains around our camp in Pennsylvania and these boots look like the ones he is needing for our outings. The last pair he bought were not durable enough and he ended up slipping and twisting his ankle. 

    I prefer the high tops the way these are made. They look like they will give him the support for his ankles that he requires when we are out having our fun. Thank you for doing this article and I will be bookmarking your website for more information that can benefit our hiking experiences.


    • Hello Susan,

      Lovely to see another avid hiker:). So sad to hear that your husband slip his ankle and twist his ankle. I hope he is doing okay now. This is one reason why I encourage hikers to test their boots before they purchase them or take it on the trails.

      No doubt about that. The Asolo Drifter GV has a lot of padding around the ankle area which is going to give him a lot of cushioning and support. I’m sure he will like it. You are welcome Susan.

      Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  2. Boots are so important when you are doing stuff in the out doors like camping or hiking.  I do a lot of fishing in the foothills and walk miles and miles to get to my favorite fishing spots.

    I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have good footwear.  I also know that I am looking for new boots right now so I am going to take a much closer look at these.

    I also think it’s okay to spend a couple extra dollars for something that will be great and last a little longer especially the Asolo Drifter GV.

    Thank you for a great review. It helped me on some decisions.


    • Hello Dale,

      It’s great to hear your experience. I totally agree with you. Finding and buying a high quality boots are very important when you are dealing with nature. Because you don’t know what to expect.

      For me personally, I would rather spend a lot of money on high quality boots that will last very long than buying cheap boots that will last very short time.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  3. Hi Kuu, 

    These boots sound ideal for me, I walk my dogs in a forest that has steep hops and rough terrain. So these would be ideal for support and grip and also in the last part of the walk that leads down to a river where the ground gives way to marshland. It can be uneven ground and wet so I need boots that can perform well all round.

    You mention metal eyelets? What metal are they made of as you mentioned it would take time to rust or breakdown? 

    • Hello Darren,

      Absolutely. The Asolo Drifter GV will suit your daily walk with your dog. It will give you nice traction and stability on every surface you walk onto.

      I am not 100% sure but I think it’s made of either cooper or stainless steel. I hope you find this answer useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  4. Are you kidding me right now? That is around like $132.85 USD, I am all over that. These boots are phenomenal, they are waterproof, lightweight, breathable and they not only lace up nice, but they have a good tread pattern too. 

    Forget about it, I am getting two pair. I cannot believe that I haven’t come across these before. Thanks man, for turning me on to this deal and a half. 

    • Hello Free4Life,

      Haha ;). I’m glad this post came to you at the right time for you. I’m sure you will love wearing it. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  5. Myself and my partner enjoy hiking around the Welsh hills and mountains in our vicinity, but the last pair of hiking footwear I bought were nowhere near durable enough, especially in the rain we see here. 

    I’m thinking of upgrading to the boot versions (I have used the shoe version up until this point!) as they look like they can handle all forms of weather better – would you agree with this?

    • Hello Chris,

      It’s great to hear from another avid hiker like you. When it comes to selecting the best hiking boots, I encourage hikers to look for certain features like comfort, outsole and midsole. If you want to know how to do this, please check out this post.

      Absolutely Chris, the Asolo Drifter GV is capable of dealing all sorts of weather conditions and terrains. You could either use it in both winter or summer condition.

      I hope you find this answer very useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  6. Hi Kuu,

    Great post! The youngest of our 3 children is getting to the age where he can start participating in some serious hiking. We live in Switzerland, and the hiking possibilities are endless. Does the Asolo Drifter come in children’s sizes? I’m going to check out a pair for myself, and, if they have them, for the kids as well. The combination of comfort and ankle support is extremely compelling. 

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Norman,

      Thanks for the compliment. It’s wonderful to hear that your youngest child while be getting into hiking soon. I’m pretty sure that, he will love it.

      At the moment, they don’t really have Asolo Drifter GV for kids but they do have Asolo Unisex Kids’ Dual Gv. It’s kind of similar to Asolo Drifter GV. It has most features like the Drifter GV.

      I hope you find this answer very useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  7. Hello Kuu and thank you for this amazing and thorough article and review. I enjoyed so much getting to know these boots. I am living on a mountain side and here we need really good fotowear to deal with terrain we have. I am planning on buying new boots right now since the ones I got from the military are already quite old.

    Asolo Drifter GV hiking boots bring so much to the table. I am positively surprised. I think they would be the perfect fit for me. The price is also more than correct.

    Thank you once again.


    • Hello Strahinja,

      Great to hear that you enjoyed reading the post. I think the Asolo Drifter GV will really suit where you live and it’s going to give you comfort and stability on the mountains.

      You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  8. I’m super excited coming across this today. The kind of shoes you choose may be a major determinant to what kind of fun you’d have while camping or hiking. I just bought this last week without reading a decent review like this.

    This boot is ideal for any fun hiker, trust me I’ve just used it twice and I’m so loving it. It makes hiking easier.  I buy hiking boots 1/2 size larger than dress shoes or sneakers and these boots fit fine. They needed no breaking-in, give good support and seem very durable and waterproof. Because of inclement weather, the longest day hike has been around seven miles. These are comfortable and I hope to use them for few years.

    Thanks bro

    • Hello Lok,

      Definitely, hiking boots plays a big role in deciding if you are going to have a wonderful hiking trip or not. That’s why I encourage people to spend a great deal of time looking at certain features like comfort before they buy it.

      Nice to see that you are already liking the boots. If you manage to maintain it well, it will last for many years. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


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