Asolo TPS 520 GV Hiking Boots For Men

A Brief History About Asolo Company

Asolo was started out by the Zanatta family in the year 1946. This was a family business and each member of the family played a significant role in designing the footwear. After World War 2, the Italian economy was not very stable and there was a huge demand for footwear. This is when the Zanatta family business started to grow at a very fast pace when the following generation of Zanatta family took over.

The name Asolo was branded in the year 1975 when Giancarlo Tanzi made the first trekking boots using Cordura materials. This innovation was a break-through in the footwear market and this really changed the perception of how people perceive footwear. Giancarlo Tanzi and his team developed another breakthrough outdoor footwear which was the first Gore-Tex lined.

In the year 1998, the third generation of Zanatta family took over the business. They carried over the family values and their work ethic. For the Zanatta family, it’s all about designing the “perfect melding of tradition, quality and innovation” footwear. With these values, the Zanatta family business has achieved phenomenal feet in the footwear industry. For example, in the year 2017, Asolo received recognition of the Hall of Fame by American Backpacker Magazine.

Since we have got a little history about how the Asolo company have developed from a small family into a multi-millionaire company. It’s now time to analyze one of their hiking boots for men and it’s the Asolo TPS 520 GV.

Material Used

Asolo TPS 520 GVThe Asolo TPS 520 GV is made of 2.8mm full grain leather upper. I think Asolo did a fantastic job is using a full grain leather upper compared with other materials such as top grain leather.

Firstly, in terms of appearance and durability, full-grain leather is the real deal in my opinion. It is very strong and at the same durable. What makes full grain leather great to use in hiking boots compared with top grain leather is how it is very breathable but at the same time contains less moisture.

On the other hand, top grain leather has a sanded away which is very good at removing blemishes. The downside to this is how top grain leather is not that strong compared with full grain leather. This tells us that it’s not very good at dealing with tough conditions and trails.

Secondly, with aging and character, I think full grain leather stand out. The reason why I say that is because wearing this type of leather often makes the boot more beautiful and polish instead of wearing out. In order words, the more you hike with these boots, the better the material looks. Top grain leather, on the other hand, is not very good with aging. However, it’s good at preventing stains that can destroy the material.

The only drawback I can think of this boot with the full grain leather upper is how it can make the boot feel heavy to wear on your feet. But apart from that, I think Asolo did a great job in using a 2.8mm full grain leather upper for the boot.

Breathable And Waterproof

Underneath the 2.8mm full grain leather upper, there is a gore-tex lining. This Gore-tex lining makes the boot waterproof and breathable.

What this means is that the boot prevents your feet from getting wet in rain and at the same time keeps it warm. This shows that you are guaranteed to have your feet dry even when you are hiking in a heavy rain.

Ankle Protection

The ankle support of this boot is well-made. The ankle support is soft inside the boot but at the same time very firm. This is to give you stable when you are hiking on the trail and stops putting pressure on your ankle. If you are someone who has ankle issues, then you will enjoy wearing this Asolo TPS 520 GV.

Lacing Structure

Asolo TPS 520 GV lacing structureThe lacing structure of this boot is kind of similar to the Lowa Tibet GTX and Manta Pro GTX. This Asolo TPS 520 GV has got ten rivet eyelets. These riveted eyelets can last for a long time compared with standard fabric eyelets. These riveted eyelets are looks like paper clips which makes it difficult to pull your laces through the holes.

However, the good news is once you managed to pull your laces through the holes, it gives your boot more stability and comfort as you hike with them.

At the top of the boot, there are six-speed lacing holes. These are the final touches to the laces and it gives you the freedom to lace the way you prefer. Either diagonal or straight line.

One thing I noticed when I looked closely at these boots laces are the fact that they are bigger than normal laces for hiking. I think the reason why Asolo made it that way is to make it slightly stretchy which gives you expansion at the top of the foot for more comfort as you hike.

Toe Box

The toe box for this box is simple compared with other hiking boots such as Manta Pro GTX which has a rubberized toe box that goes around the boot. Asolo TPS 520 GV has a black rubber toe box. This is very hard and solid. The good thing about this toe box is how it prevents your feet from getting a serious injury when you hit a rock, for example.

The Outsole, Midsole and Insole

Now let’s take a closer look at the outsole. The outsole is a triple power structure (TPS) EVO outsole. This means that the Asolo TPS 520 GV outsoleoutsole was designed by Asolo and Vibram together. This type of material used for the outsole makes this boot very strong and prevent the sole from wearing out quickly.

When you look very closely at the outsole, you could see that it has a grippy traction and deep lugs. This is very good at biting the trail hard and giving you good stability as you hike. The beauty of these lugs is how they are self-cleaning. This means it clears out all the debris out as you hike through the trails. There are three shock absorbers with different densities PU. This means that the trail that hit the shock absorbers are likely to get more cushioning.

And one last thing with the outsole, there is a braking system which gives you enough grip as you climb the hills or mountains. This is because the braking system is aggressive and really deep. Another great news about the outsole is that you can get it re-done when it wears out. This way you can maintain the boots even longer.

Asolo TPS 520 GV midsoleThe midsole of this boot is made of dual density PU. Dual-density PU is a high -quality material which is durable and at the same time water resistant. Another key strength of this material is how firm it is compared with EBA. This is fantastic to have because it will give you the stability, support and shock absorption you need as you hike.

In addition, the midsole is built on Asolo flex lasting board which makes this boot unique from other midsoles in different hiking boots. These are specifically made for the size and gender. This is to give more flexibility and support to the hiker wearing the boot.

And lastly, the insole of the boot is made of the robust exterior which gives you the support and comfort that you need as you hike.

Fit and Size

This boot comes in different sizes. If you live in the UK, the sizes available for this boot are from 6 to 16 and 1/2. On the other hand, if you are living in the US the sizes available are 6 and 1/2 to 17. Overall if you are living anywhere in Europe, there are different sizes options as well.

Recommended for:

  • Long distance hiking Long Distance Hike
  • Backpacking
  • Trekking on technical terrains



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As we come to the conclusion of this post about Asolo TPS 520 GV. It seems this boot is perfectly good to use for long distance hiking, backing and trekking on technical terrains.

In addition, this boot will be great to use in rain, snow and mud because the materials used for this hiking boot are of high quality. The materials used are like wine, they get better with age. This means that the more you use this boot the more it looks.

This will really give you the comfort, stability and grip you need to hike on the snow, rain and mud. Furthermore, the outsole, midsole and insole of the boot is excellently designed. For me, these are some of the key strengths of this hiking boot. The outsole matches with the rhythm of your walking and this helps to clear the debris and the mud away quickly.

One weakness of this boot is how heavy the boot can be. Although I got to see I love the materials however the 2.8mm full grain leather upper can but a lot of weight on your feet as you hike with them. This means the comfort reduces as you hike for a long time. Despite this weakness from this Asolo tps 520 gv, the ankle protection and the gore-tex lining inside the boot could make it a little smooth for you.

I hope you have really enjoyed reading this post on Asolo TPS 520 GV. If you have any questions or thoughts on the Asolo TPS 520 GV, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!


And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. 🙂




  1. You have done a really thorough job on this review. It seems to me this boot would be the one to use here in Alaska, where we have lots of mountains and lots of rain. I am amazed at the excellent features they now put in these hiking boots. Thanks for this review.
    Kuu, you should come to Alaska to hike sometime. We have lots of mountains and lots of trails…I think you would love it.

    • Hey Fran,

      It’s wonderful to see you again. I am pleased to hear that you really enjoyed this post. You are absolutely right Fran, the amount of technologies and investment put into making these hiking boots are unbelievable. It really shows how hiking boots have evolved over the years.

      I will love to come to Alaska one day and hike on the beautiful hills and mountains. Denali mountain is one of the mountains in Alaska that has always intrigued me. It will just be a dream come true to hike on that mountain. 🙂


  2. Woow! I like it. By looking at it, it is a very strong boot for hikers who love long distances. I have a brother who likes this type of boot like this one. I will recommend it to him. How can it be found in the market? It is fantastic. Are there small sizes for kids? I would buy it for my son who is about to start his secondary school.

    Thank you

    • Hello Julienne,

      Lovely to hear that you like this boot. Indeed this boot is a very strong boot and you can use it for long distances. I believe it can last for about five years. I am confident that your brother will like this type of boot.

      There are small sizes available for kids as will. They have size six, seven and eight. The best place to find this boot is Amazon. I hope you found these answers useful. If you have more questions please feel free to ask me. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  3. Great write up for this boot. I have a quick question while I am thinking of it. You mentioned that the boots are heavier than others. Do you know the weight of these boots?  How does that compare with other boots in this class.

    From your description it sounds like there is a lot of technology in it’s design. I like the extra protection you described in the toe box. Full grain leather is an awesome look and I like how that ages with use…definitely gives them character.

    All around great boot….and thanks for another fantastic review!

    • Hello Tim,

      Nice to meet you. The Asolo tps 520 gv weighs 830(g) compared with similar men’s hiking boots such as Scarpa hiking boot, or Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX that weighs less. This means the weight of the boot can put some pressure on your feet as you hike. But this is not an issue you should be a concern for you because it has got good insole that will give you protection and warm.

      Absolutely Tim, Asolo Company invest a lot of technology in making this hiking boot. Not only Asolo Company but all the top men hiking boots manufactures like Scarpa, Solomon, Lowa and Merrell. I am so happy that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  4. This sounds like a great great boot.  Everything seems to be covered in this design and well done too.

    The first thing that came to mind when I was reading was it must be expensive and it is.  The second you mentioned that is a heavy boot.  That said I would get this boot in a flash if I hiked a little mire than I do.

    • Hey Stew,

      What you are saying is true. It’s seems that this boot is very expensive however if you look at the materials and what the features can produce then it’s worth the price. This boot can be heavy due to the leather used. The great thing about the leather is how it is waterproof and strong. Haha 😉 I think you should start hiking more often than you do now. It will surely benefit you and you will enjoy how wonderful nature is. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  5. I would challenge anyone that doesn’t give much thought into hiking boots, to go off the beaten path and trudge through the various terrain with nothing more than a pair of sneakers. Getting jabbed in the ankles by stubborn branches and twigs gets old real quick!

    This seems to be a fine quality boot to provide protection from any obstacle that would come with hiking. Sharp looking as well. Do they come in a size 14?

    • Hello Brain,

      It’s great to hear your thoughts on these boots. What you are saying is right on the money. Quality hiking boots for hiking either on the mountains or hills are very important in this era. You don’t want to end up hurting yourself unnecessary after wearing a pair of sneakers for a hike. That’s why I always encourage people to get a fairly cheap hiking boots if you are going for a shot hike.

      This boot comes in size 14 as will. Either if you are in Europa or US. Indeed they look very sharp. The more you use them the better it looks. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  6. These look and sound like really amazing hiking boots! I kind of like the last perfect look of a full grain leather item. The durability is amazing and the imperfections give the boots character. Kind of sounds like a top grain leather would be more for the casual hiker. Maybe doing a trail here or there. But these boots sound more like they are for someone who seriously wants to get out there and do some hard-core hiking. These boots seem like they could hold up to just about anything! I’m not a heavy duty hiker myself so I’ve never heard of a braking system in boots. That’s pretty interesting! I have an Aunt and uncle that live in Alaska; these are the kind boots they need for hiking around up there!

    • Hey Lynne,

      It’s great to see that you love the material leather used in making this hiking boot. The full grain leather is just world-class because it is durable and makes the boot looks polish.

      The Asolo tps 520 gv is typically for hikers who love long distance hike, backpacking and trekking on technical terrains. But I think you can wear them and walk with them to the park.

      I am confident that your aunt and uncle will love this type of boot. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  7. Hiking is a good way to get that much needed exercise while enjoying the great outdoors but what you need is to ensure that you have the right foot wear for hiking. These boots that you are reviewing seems to be pretty amazing and can take the a beating while still performing. Great post.

    • Hello Norman,

      You are absolutely right. The Asolo tps 520 gv has the leather and features to deal with different weather conditions and hiking trails that you are taking. Great to see that you like the post. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  8. These boots look cool and fantastic to wear. I can see it as high sole to have some ground clearance. Is it breathable? Considering I might want to wear it for hours non-stop. Hiking through the hills to fetch some wood in my village. I might run into the waters too. I hope water will not seep in the boots.

    • Hello Kit,

      Indeed this Asolo tps 520 gv is fantastic to wear. They have aggressive lugs and strong breaking system to clear the debris out of the boots as you hike through the hills to pick woods in your village. On top of that, they are breathable and it will give you the comfort that you need as you hike long distance.

      The boot has got Gore-tex lining which prevents your feet from getting wet. I can guarantee that your feet will be dry as you hike through water such as pond. I hope you find these answers useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


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