Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Are you planning on going hiking to the Grand Canyon National Park in the US or the Sentiero Degli Dei, Amalfi Coast in Italy? Then you would like to try the latest Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots.

This type of Columbia men’s hiking boots is specifically designed in a certain way to suit any type of conditions but mostly dealing with water when hiking on the trails.

Hence, that’s why it is called the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots. In this post I will be explaining the features of this type of men’s hiking boots and why it is gaining so much attention recently.


One of the key features that makes Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking boots so effective and popular is their waterproof coating. This type of Columbia men’s hiking boots is designed with the best materials and constructed with some of the most advance technologies in the market.

The outside of the hiking boots is made with waterproof seam-sealed construction and omni-shield water resistance treatment. These materials are specifically used to prevent your feet from getting wet and damp when walking through wet conditions such as morning dew, shower rains and muddy puddles.

Although, some of you may be thinking “I get the fact that this boot can prevent my feet from getting wet but what about my feet getting blisters when the boot becomes very hot”.

RELAX and CALM DOWN GUYS! Remember the inside of the boots contains breathable mesh. This mesh ventilates keeps your feet comfortable and warm throughout the wet conditions. So my best advise for you is to take a critical analysis when you are doing your hiking trip in wet conditions and witness how cool your feet will feel.

The Lacing System

People who struggle with lacing or have a hard time lacing, then you will love the lacing system of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots.

The way the lacing system is structured with this type of men hiking boots is quite unique. The eight eyelets are madeColumbia lacing structure of triangle d-ring and has a clam-shell lacing system. This is beautifully done because it allows you to lace the hiking boots at a very fast pace without a struggle through the eyelets and maintains the laces throughout the hike.

Also, the four eyelets are made of hooks and the reason why it is very effective and time-saving is the fact that is easy to take off the laces of the boots without having to loosen up all the laces. Furthermore, Columbia used a strong metal which prevents it from bending or breaking up when you end up pulling the laces too strong.

So next time you put on the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots, try either loosening or tightening them up and you would really enjoy its smoothness and comfort.

Outsole Composition

Omni-grip traction rubber is the material used to make the outsole of the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots. Columbia outsole

This is a smart choice from Columbia because this type of material used for the outsole can grip any type of condition and hike through any environment especially loose rock environments.

The tread patterns on the outsole has a similar design pattern to mountain bikes giving it a good grip on the rocks. This stops you from slipping to the ground and allows you to maintain your composure and balance.

Even if you decide to hike on a tread that is fifty to a hundred miles, it still has enough material on the outsole to prevent it from woring out.

Midsole Composition

As for the midsole composition, Ethylene-vinyl acetate (i.e. EVA foam) material was used for that section of the boots. EVA tends to be flexible, low at temperature and have a strong stress-crack resistance.

These features which EVA contains allowed Columbia to use instead of injection molded materials for example, as the midsole section because it stops the boots from cracking up. On top of that, it helps the boots to last longer.

Furthermore, using the EVA material helps in size and weight. This is because it enables them to make different sizes and weight of the boot since EVA can easily be molded. This really increase the comfort you have when you wear the boots.

Inside Sole Composition

The inside sole of the bottom sole has a firm and strong padding. It can make your foot hurt when you first wear it but after you wear it for some time your foot adjust to it.

In addition to that, when you are walking or hiking with the boots, your feet can get really hot so this soften the padding and makes it even more relaxing and comfortable to hike with.


When it comes to Columbia Newton Ridge Plus with men hiking boots, they have limited selections of colours to choose from however they are very stylish and fashionable to wear.

At the moment, the colour scheme that is available includes Nori Dark Banana, Sanguine, Graphite Royal, Black and Cordovan Squash. However, some of them even have amazing meaning behind the colours which makes them even cool to wear.
Sanguine Columbia Newton Ridge
A good example, is the Sanguine Columbia Newton Ridge which means “been positive at all times especially when everything gets tough”. Having such a meaningful word attached to the name of the hiking boots gives people the extra motivation to even buy the boots.

This is because when the hiking trips gets tough and you want to quit. Wearing such boots, will keep reminding you to stay positive and keep moving forward.


Columbia newton ridge plus ii waterproof men hiking boots is one of the best hiking boots in the markets that lasts for a very long time and it can withstand pressure and damage. One thing that even surprise me the most is how the heels of the boots takes a very long time to wear out.

What I liked about this Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots:

  • I love how easy their lacing structure is
  • I like how it is waterproof and the materials their used
  • It is easy to clean even if it is covered with mud
  • They have variety of colours to choose from

What I didn’t like about this Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots:

  • It is not fashionable and have only one style of design

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As we come to the conclusion of this post about the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots. This boot are well designed to give you comfort and warm whiles you hike through any rainy conditions. The features are also amazing to have such as the lacing structure, the midsole, outsole, insole and aesthetic. This really makes the whole hiking journey in the rain a lot more fun and enjoyable. However, the only thing that this boot lack is how it have one sided design which makes it less fashionable.

I hope you have really enjoy reading this post on the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots. If you have any questions or thoughts on the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!


And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip.





  1. This is a great and very informative review of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking boots. I especially like their waterproof coating and their lacing system. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Cheers!

  2. We do a lot of hiking in our family. One of our favorite things to do outdoors. These hiking boots sound great! I would love to see a picture of them on here as well as maybe the information on buying these hiking boots. Thanks!

    • I am glad that you find it useful Karen. Yes they also have the women vision as well and it is called Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Shoes, Quarry, Cool Wave.

  3. Awesome content! I’m going to Switzerland on a backpacking trip, so I’ll definitely be picking a pair of these up. Thank’s for being so thorough!

    • Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots could be a nice Christmas gift for him. Give it a shot. Thanks Taylor.

  4. Thank you for the very informative and helpful review! My husband could really use these boots! He usually wears down his work boots way to fast! These boots seem very durable and comfortable which is hard to find in a boot!

    • I am glad that you find this post useful. More reviews and posts would be coming soon. So please check it out.

  5. I love how informative this review is. I enjoy hiking a lot, and I am a huge fan of the brand Columbia. Columbia, in my opinion has the best outdoor footwear and clothing around. They have been in the industry for years and really know their stuff. These hiking boots sound great, comfort and being waterproof is very important. When it comes to hiking boots, I would rather have them be comfortable than stylish. I think these boots look great, and I will be checking them out for my husband who hikes a lot, and is in need of a great boot that is durable.

    • Hello Jenny,

      Lovely to see you back. I agree with you. Columbia are very good at designing the perfect hiking boots for different situations such as wet condition or snow. And the Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots is a typical example of how good their footwear are. I am very sure that your husband will love it.


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