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Danner Mountain LightProduct: Danner Mountain Light

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In this review, I will be discussing one of Danner’s best hiking boots in the market. This boot is called Danner Mountain Light Boot. This boot is a little different from how most hiking boots are designed, function and how it looks. I am pretty sure that you will find some of the Danner light hiking boot interesting and how it performs on the hiking trails and weather conditions.

Some of the features used to make the Danner boot are full-grain leather uppers, Gore-Tex Lining, waterproof and Vibram Kletterlift outsole. With that been said, let get right into the details of the features.

Material Used

The upper of the boot is made of full-grain leather uppers. This is an excellent choice from Danner because this type of leather is of high quality and it’s durable compared with other leathers such as top grain leather. These are some of the reasons why this is a good selection from Danner.

First and foremost, full-grain leather is normally mixed with an aniline dye. This aniline dye used with the material gives the leather different colours in terms of appearance. However, in relation to this boot, the colour appears as brown. Furthermore, this material is very strong, breathable and at the same time contains less moisture.

Generally speaking, full-grain leather looks beautiful and burnish as it ages. However, the way Danner Hiking Boots designed the Danner mountain light with the full-grain leather stops it from shinning as you wear them frequently. But the leather does not wear out and you could use them for years if you only maintain it.

Unlike the Asolo TPS 520 GV which looks better and better the more you wear and hike with it. In simple terms, the Asolo TPS 520 GV are like wine, they get better with age.

And lastly, using full-grain leather is magnificent because it doesn’t create any marks or reveal any natural imperfections on the boots. This way the boot last for a long time and it’s very good at dealing with weather conditions.

The only drawback related to this material is how it is expensive to buy and design with it. But this problem can be solved easily by Danner Hiking Boots Company because they have more money to deal with the cost and have specialist staff to design the boots with this type of material.

Waterproof And Breathable

The Danner light boot has got Gore -Tex Liners within the boot. This is 100% waterproof and breathable. At the same time, it ensures that your feet stay dry as it allows sweat and moisture out of the boot. This shows that your feet are guaranteed to stay dry when you hike through rainy weather, mud or even pond.

Furthermore, the Gore-Tex Liners inside the boot is very good at dealing with snow as well. It will keep your feet warm and dry as you hike in the snow. However, the issue with wearing this boot in snow is how it can be very heavy on your feet as you hike.

Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using this type of boot in a snow. It’s better to use normal winter hiking boots such as Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof Men Hiking Boots or Salomon men’s quest 4d 2 GTX hiking boots. This will make your hiking trails much easier due to the lightness of the boot.

Lacing Structure

The Danner light boot has got one of the simplest and easiest lacing structure in the market. But it is very effective. The lacing structure has got two part.

The first part has got ten D-ring lacing eyelets. There are five on each side of the boot. These D-ring eyelets are about 25mm in size. These sizes are pretty big when compared with other lacing holes such as Danner Men’s Light Lifestyle Boot which has small sizes.

These 25mm eyelets size can be a very good thing because they allow you to put the laces through them with ease. Not only that but you can also put different kinds of laces such as long or short laces through the holes. The cool thing about the D-ring eyelets is how they are made with strong metals. This stops the eyelets from breaking or rusting. Therefore, you are assured that these eyelets will last for a long time.

The second part of the lacing structure are the four lacing hooks. These lacing hooks are at the top of the boot and it’s closer to the tongue. Again the sizes of the hooks are a little bit bigger than the normal lacing hooks. This lacing hook feature allows you to tie your laces any style you prefer.

Toe Box

There is not much to say about the toe box. This is because the leather has blended with the toe box completely. Since the leather is very strong, it will surely protect your feet from getting serious injury in-case you hit a solid rock or slip down.

The Outsole, Midsole, and Insole

The outsole is a master class piece and it’s specifically designed to help you deal with traction. The outsole is made of Vibram Kletterlift. The Vibram Kletterlift provides you with comfort and durability as you hike on the trails. When we look closely at the outsole there are seven small dots that look like pluses.

These small dots are called carrarmato lugs and they are supposed to give you good traction on steep hills. This way you will have a good balance and support as you hike through the steep hills.

In addition to the outsole, there are side sections which are known as angled lugs. These angled lugs give you edging capabilities. This simply means that you will have good gripping and braking when you are hiking up or down. This way you will have more time to stop as soon as you want.

Another amazing thing about the outsole is how you can get it re-made once it wore out. You can get it re-crafted either at their store or a good shoe marker.

In terms of the midsole, I am not 100% sure about what Danner used to make the boot. But what I can say is the midsole is well-made and it’s durable as well.

The insole is a little different and looks a bit weird compared with normal hiking boots insole. The insole is Danner’s Unisex’s Airthotic Arch Support. This is a molded thermoplastic polyurethane cup that gives your arch support and helps with heel alignment.

Some hikers may find the insole controversial and pointless in the boot. This is because they may find it very hard to put their feet on it. So what some hikers tend to do is take out the insole and use other types of insole such as Nike free run insole. The Nike free run insole is very comfortable and responsive to your foot.

Heel Tension

The heel tension molds to your ankle the more you hike with these boots. Therefore, when you hike with these boots long enough, you will notice that the heel ball has molded to your feet. And it’s going to be difficult for someone to wear them after it has taken the shape of your back foot.


This boot is re-craftable. This simply means that, when some parts of the boot are destroyed or wore out. You could get it re-done through one of Danner’s stores or ask a good shoe-maker to fix it.

The Danner Mountain Light VS The Danner Mountain Light II

There are a few differences between these two boots. However, they have a lot of things in common. Below I have outlined them in-depth.

Appearance: The Danner Mountain Light leather is very shiny and beautiful to the eyes. Whiles the Danner Mountain Light II leather is darker in terms of appearance. This gives hiker the preference to choose which colours they want.

Fit and Size: Another major difference between these two boots is the size and width. The Danner Mountain Light II comes in narrow fit which is likely to suit people who have small or narrow fit.

The Danner Mountain Light, on the other hand, comes in a wide size. This is likely to fit people who have larger feet. But the interesting thing about the Mountain Light boot is how it molds around the size of your foot.

Lacing Structure: The lacing structure is the same however the colours of the laces used to lace each boot are different. The Danner Mountain light normally uses the colour gold and brown.

Whiles the Danner Mountain light II uses the colour green. Each lacing colours match perfectly with each boot. Again, this is another aspect of the boot that you want to consider when purchasing one of them. Below is an image of both boots.

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As we come to the conclusion of this post about the Danner Mountain Light review. It is very obvious that there has being a lot of planning and construction put into making this boot. The name of this boot has light in it but interesting enough this boot is very heavy than it looks. It weighs approximately 58 oz per pair. This is heavy and it ideal for hiking on the mountains or backpacking trips.

Also, this boot is very good at dealing with weather conditions such as rain, mud, dirt, and snow. The waterproof and Gore-Tex Liner inside the boot keeps your feet dry from these types of conditions. I know this boot can deal with snow, however, as I said earlier I wouldn’t encourage you to use in the snow because the weight of the boot will slow your pace down. This could make the hiking journey a horrible experience when that occurs.

Another benefit of this boot is the use of full-grain leather. This type of leather makes the boot durable and super comfortable to wear. Believe me, if you manage to take good care of this boot, it could last for a decade. The best way to maintain this boot is to use the Danner boot dressing. This will always keep the boot neat and stop it from cracking.

The first drawback I can think of is maybe the insole. I feel that most people will not like it because it may feel very hard when you put your foot in them. Therefore, many people are likely to take the insole out and use a different one.

Another drawback of this boot is the price. Let’s face the truth the price of this boot is very expensive. The price alone could put people off from buying this boot. It will be great if Danner can reduce the price so that many people from all levels of income can purchase the boot as well.

I hope you have really enjoyed reading this post on Danner Mountain Light review. If you have any questions or thoughts on the Danner Mountain Light review, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!


And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. 🙂






  1. You know, the land around my small town is very flat.  All the mountains surround it.  At my age, when I hike I prefer the flat land.  However, I could use a new pair of boots.  These Danner Mountain Lights look like a good choice.  I need a wide boot because my foot has become quite wide.  I like the materials used in this boot, and I like the way it looks. Thank you for submitting a really thorough review for this boot.

    • Hey Fran,

      It’s great to see you again on my website. Looking at your preference it’s seems the Danner Mountain Light II will fit you perfectly because it comes in wider size. However, these kinds of boot do not come in ladies version. The closet hiking boots that are for women will be Danner Women’s Mountain 600 or Danner Women’s Mountain 600 Full Grain Hiking Boot. These ladies ones are very comfortable and durable as well. I hope you like the alternative.

      Yeah I agree with you. The material used for this hiking boot is world class. It’s very strong and can cope with all sorts of weather conditions. Also the full-grain leather is durable and if you manage to take good care of it. It could last for decade.

      Thanks for stopping by again Fran. I appreciate your comment and I am pleased to hear that you enjoy these reviews.


  2. By seeing it on picture, everybody can say woow! This is because it is a wonderful boots to have. Most of the time people care about price, but this is the case for this boot. 

    I think many people would like to buy it if the price is a bit low but for me I don’t care about the price if the product can last longer. It is a great boot and I can say that many men can dream to have it among their boots shelves.

    • Hello Julienne,

      It’s great to hear your thoughts on this boot and it’s price. To some extent you are right because this boot deserve the price since it’s very good at dealing with all sorts of weather conditions and hiking trails.

      On top of that, it can last for a long time if people manage to take good care of it. It can even last for a decade when used properly. The other side to this debate is how it will be great if Danner Hiking Boots could lower the price so that all people from different income levels can purchase it.

      Apart from that, this boot is amazing to have as part of your hiking boots collections. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  3. Wonderful web site – informative and well written. I learnt a lot about different types of boots and materials of the moderns boots – will definitely bookmark this site for future hiking boot reference.

    Layout is very good and good choice of site style. Everything is uncluttered and very easy to navigate. Thanks a lot man. 

    • Hello Eugene,

      It’s lovely to hear that you really love the in-depth information from my website. I will continue to do my best to produce good quality information for you guys. Thanks for the recognition. I really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  4. Damn, these boots are so beautiful! I know, it’s not the comment you were waiting for, but the first thing I thought when looking at these boots, without even reading the article, was that these boots are so good looking. 

    Hiking is one of my favorite sports, but I always want to look good, even when hiking. For sure, hiking it’s not a joke and first of all you need high quality, comfortable, light, good material and strong boots. Danner boots have it all:)

    • Hello Irene,

      It’s great to hear from another hiker. Haha 🙂 these boots are very attractive to the eyes and it’s got everything that you need for your hiking trip.

      I’m confident that you will love wearing them. Danner is surely one of the best companies at designing hiking boots. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  5. Hey Kuu, nice boot .. I really love the fact that it can be suitable for all situations. One can argue and say it is expensive and as for me I don’t think it is expensive as I am looking at all the things you talked about. 

    With this boot you really get what you payed for and it will last you for more and more years to come. The only thing that can separate the owner with it is the fact that he gets tired of wearing the same boot over and over again.  

    I really love this boot. Thanks for the review. 

    • Hello Nkhosingiphile,

      It’s nice to see that you have fallen in love with the boot. The price of the boot is debatable. However, if you think about it, it has all the qualities and features you need for your hiking trip.

      Of course wearing the same boot over and over for many years can be boring and you could lose interest in the boot. It’s better to hike with these boots on the mountains or backpacking trips.

      Instead of wearing them all the time because they can put a lot of weight on your feet. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  6. Oooh you sold me as soon as I saw this boot! Gorgeous, and it has that Gore-Tex Lining!  The fact that it’s waterproof is just icing on the cake! I am in love!!  I’m very rough on my boots and shoes, so I was also happy you stated that if you maintain the boot, it will last.  

    That’s exciting. I do a lot of walking and hiking and bike riding, and I’m always wearing out my shoes. I live in the great northeast, so I am super excited they are good in snow!  Ugh. Not looking forward to that, though. Thanks for providing a great write-up on these – you helped me make up my mind!

    • Hello Babsie,

      It’s always great to hear from another hiker like you. Hihihi 🙂 I guess I did a good job then.

      The sad thing is these kinds of boot do not come in ladies version. The closet hiking boots that are for women will be Danner Women’s Mountain 600 or Danner Women’s Mountain 600 Full Grain Hiking Boot. These ladies ones are very comfortable and durable as well. I hope you like the alternative.

      In terms of maintain the Danner Mountain Light boot, it’s best to use Danner’s dressing cream. It will surely maintain it’s neatness and prevent it from cracking up. I hope you find these answers useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  7. Hi Kuu,

    Thank you for this very detailed review on the Danner Mountain Light hiking boots. I found this article very helpful in what to look for when looking for hiking boots.

    I do not go hiking but love wearing hiking boots in the winter months because I find that they are better quality and a warmer wear in the winter, because sometimes I really do not want to wear long boots and find them convenient to wear.

    So my next purchase I will try these boots and see where it takes me, so thank you.


    • Hello Jennifer,

      It’s greats to hear that you enjoyed the in-depth review about this hiking boot. Since you are wearing them in winter for just warm, you will surely enjoy wearing them. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  8. These sound like some great fair weather hiking boots. They will probably be a good boot for me to try when I go to Montana and do some hiking next summer. I see you don’t recommend them for winter/snow conditions. Thanks for that advice. There is nothing worse than wearing a heavy boot when you are walking in the snow! I’ll check out the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof boots for the wintery conditions where I live! In fact, it is trying to snow right now.

    Thanks for the review, they sound like some great boots!

    • Hey Karin,

      It’s always lovely to see you back at my website. Definitely this boot will surely cope with the trails and weather conditions at Montana. I think this boot is not ideal for using them in snow because it will make your feet feel heavy as you hike through it.

      The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus ii Waterproof boots will definitely be ideal. Thanks for stopping by again. And as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


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