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Lowa Tibet GTXProduct: Lowa Tibet GTX

My Rating: 5/5

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The lowa tibet gtx is specifically designed for hikers who enjoys carrying heavy loads and hiking on long distances on rugged off trail terrain.

The materials used to make the lowa tibet gtx allows it to carry heavy loads and it’s the ideal boots for a multi-day trek on rough surfaces. Overall, this boot is very supportive and stable to wear and I will definitely recommend it to hikers who loves long distances.

Material Used

The upper side of the boot is made with nubuck leather. Before I explain what the nubuck leather is, I want to clarify that this type of leather should not be confused with other leathers such as reversed or suede leather. This is because different leather have different functions and uses and can have a huge impact on how the boots function.

Now that is out of the way it will be much easier to explain what the nubuck leather is. This material is made out of the outer layer of the calfskin which as a result makes it very expensive than other materials such as suede.

The reason why this is the case is because the outer layer of the calfskin is usually tough and hard which as a result makes the boot durable. However, the issue some hiking boot manufacturers might have is how the nubuck leather could turn out to be imperfection if it’s not done correctly.

But once it’s done perfectly, the outer surface looks sanded and texturised. Personally speaking I don’t see the outer surface of the lowa tibet gtx to be sanded when compared with other hiking boots like scarpa hiking boots. Nevertheless, it still looks very attractive to wear.

Another key feature of the material is how gore-tex membrane is included in the lining material. This gives the boot an excellent breathability and waterproof. This means the gore-tex will keep your foot dry even when hiking through crossing creeks or wet brush.

On top of that, it keeps your foot at the right temperature throughout the hike especially in warmer conditions. The reason why the lowa tibet gtx is successful at doing that is because they have a climate control system with micro-perforations to allow air and moisture out of the boots.

Colour Selection

The lowa tibet gtx boots have three different colours to choose from. These include the sepia/black, navy/grafite and sepia/schwarz.

Lacing Structure

The lowa tibet gtx hiking boots is by far one of the complex lacing structure that I have personally come across. Although, I got to admit that the complex lacing structure is more effective than it looks. Firstly, the six lacing holes at the bottom of the boots looks more like a ball bearing system.

It’s designed that way because it enables you to put the laces through the holes at a very fast pace. Also, the lower portion of the boot is very smooth which gives you the comfort and the flexibility to lace the boots.

Lowa Tibet GTX Lacing Structure

Secondly, after the six looking ball bearing system, there are two lace studs which are quite different from the rest of the laces. This lace studs is known as the cam lock system.

The function of this cam lock system is very straight forward but very effective. What it simply does is when you flip the cam lock system out, it allows the lace to move freely in and out. On the other hand, when you flip the cam lock system in, it locks the laces in place and stops it from moving.

This is good to have because when you are lacing the boots and you are ready to tie them up, you can flip the cam lock system in, which as a result will stop it from moving and give you the time to tie the laces properly. On top of that, the other laces cannot budge down or against each other.

Thirdly, there is another type of lacing hook at the middle of the boot and it’s a bit loose. This is super cool to have because it allows the boot to shape comfortably with your foot as you lace the boot.

And lastly, the tongue stud out front lacing also makes a huge contribution to the lacing structure of this boot because it keeps the tongue stable and centred on your foot. This really makes your foot very comfortable as you hike with the boots. For me this is a world-class lacing structure.

Toe Box

The toe box is covered with a strong rubber end which goes all around the boot. This is to give the boot an optimal protection against abrasion.

On top of that, the toe box of the boot is very strong and it can protect your foot from getting hurt or serious injury when you hit a rock or a hard surface.

Outsole, Midsole and Insole

The outsole of the boot is made with rubber lower vibram masai. The outsole is one of the key strengths of this boot because it very good at Lowa Tibet GTX Outsoledealing with all kinds of terrains and trails. The outsole have lugs which are wide and have got a really large gaps.

This is to help the sole stick on rocky surfaces and hardpan. On top of that, it helps cleans the sole as you hike through conditions such as snow, grass and mud. This whole feature of the outsole makes the boot stable as you hike through different trails and it’s durable.

The midsole on the other hand is made of Dura PU With SPS System. Using Dura PU let lowa tibet gtx set it-self apart from the different hiking boots. This is because most boots normally use either TPU and EVA. This shows that the lowa tibet gtx gives a lot support as you hike and it’s durable.

And lastly, the insole is also made of the same material as the outsole. Again this makes the boot durable and gives more comfort within the boots and keeps you feet dry.

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As we come to the conclusion of this post about Lowa Tibet GTX review. I think this men hiking boot is the real deal. It has all the features to deal with tough conditions such as wet weather and it is able to keep your feet dry throughout your journey.

For me I will recommend this boot for hikers who want to hike on a long journey or going on a tricky surface such as scree and rugged off trail terrain. The outsole are perfectly designed and it gives you good grip on the trails and stability.

However, some weakness of this boot is the lack of design. I think the design section is subjective although I think Lowa Hiking Boots Company can do a better job with the design and make it more stylish to wear.

This really makes us question if, the lowa tibet gtx is the real deal or not? In my opinion it is the real deal because the features it has are amazing and it will look after you when you take a good care of it.

I hope you have really enjoy reading this post on the Lowa Tibet GTX review. If you have any questions or thoughts on the Lowa Tibet GTX review, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. 🙂




  1. Great post Kuu, it gets right to the point and I feel its just the right length. I’m going to have to consider this product! Thanks

    • Hello Nathan,

      Great to see that you just fall in love with this boot. I will encourage you to give it a try. It’s very comfortable and at the same time durable. All the best. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  2. Hi Kuu, I learned about nubuck leather, I have heard of it but never really knew what it was. I hike daily with my dog on rugged terrain, so I know the importance of having a well made hiking boot. Comfort, traction and being waterproof are very important. This boot appears to have it all. I will have to check it out, for my husband who hikes daily too. I wonder if they make these for women? Great post.

    • Hello Jenny,

      I am very pleased to hear that you really learnt something new in the post. I totally agree with you. This boot has got all the features and characteristics to survive in almost every condition. That’s why I called it the real deal.

      Off course there are also women’s options as will. You can find some at Amazon and get a good price. I hope you found these answers useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


        • Hi Jenny,

          Great to see you back. I’m sure you will love the ladies options as well. The colours they have are similar to the men’s but they look very attractive. Have a fantastic hiking trip.


  3. Thank you for you article about Lowa Tibet GTX men’s boots. I have been trying to decide which boots to buy my outdoors husband for a Christmas present. I really love these and your review made it really clear that this is a superior boot. Thank you for the info.

    • Hey Heather,

      It’s nice to hear that my post have given you more clarity on which hiking boots to purchase for your husband on Christmas day. I am confident that your husband will love it. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  4. Wow! This is another great product that should be included on my Christmas shopping list. Thank you for this very informative review of Lowa Tibet GTX Review. Thank you for the recommendation and including where the best place to buy them.
    Best regards,

    • Hello Che,

      Awesome to hear that you love the Lowa Tibet GTX Review. I think you will really enjoy wearing it. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  5. I have never heard of nubuck leather, thanks for explaining. As an avid hiker, it’s important for me to keep up with good shoes. How long should I expect these boots to last? I know, loaded question. But with moderate to lightweight use, no huge hikes, but weekend anywhere from 5-10 mile hikes.

    • Hello JB,

      I’m happy to hear that you now understand the purpose of the nubuck leather. Looking at your hiking distances and the hiking trails that you undertake, I am very confident that the Lowa Tibet GTX could last for about four to five years for you. This also includes taking good care of it after coming back from a hiking trip. I hope you find this answer very useful. As always have a fantastic hiking trip.


      • That’s great information. Thanks Kuu. Now it looks like a good investment. I always worry about purchasing boots, but they wear out in a year. Cheers!

        • Hello JB,

          Great to see you back. I’m glad that you find my answers very useful and helpful. All the best in choosing the hiking boot that you prefer.


  6. Nice shoes Kuu. I like hiking. I know a suitable boot is very important that can affect your performance directly. It’s good to have one if you plan to hike on long distance, especially the road condition is very bad.

    Your post is really a good guideline for me to choose a suitable boot. It outlines all the detail where I should aware when buying the boot. I will keep in mind.

    Waterproof is really important if you experience raining when you are hiking before. So, gore-tex should be a first choice of the material.

    Thank you for your sharing.

    • Hello CT,

      I’m pleased that you liked my post. I think you are spot on CT. The Lowa Tibet GTX have got a lot of features to deal with long distance hike and even tough conditions such as snow, rain and scree. I’m pretty confident that you will like this boot. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


    • Hey Cumming,

      Great that you find this post useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  7. Kuu,
    Looks like a great boot for medium to long hikes. I do like to hike around 5 miles give or take a little when we go. The Lowa Tibet GTX looks like a great boot for this distance.
    How would you break in this boot before the first long hike, I would not want blisters half way through.
    Does the outer leather need any special care, oils or cleaning products to keep it looking fresh.

    • Hey John,

      It’s great to see that you are very interested in the lowa Tibet gtx hiking boots. These boots are well designed with strong nubuck leather so it’s going to be difficult for it to break down. Also, you have a lower chance of getting blisters with these boots due to the high quality gore-tex membrane inside the boots.

      In terms of keeping the boots fresh all the time, it’s best to clean the boots straight after a hike especially a multi-day hike. For me the best ways to keep the outer leather of this boot neat and fresh are these four simple steps.

      1) Preparation: Firstly, remove all the laces and insole from the boots. Removing the laces gives you the chance to clean the leather properly. And removing the insole stops the moisture getting stuck in the boots. This way fresh air can also get through the boots.

      2) Cleaning: The next step is to brush your boots thoroughly with a brush and then wash it with warm water. This really makes the leather breathable once again and clear all the dirt away.

      3) Waterproofing: At this stage of the cleaning process, it will be great to spray the boots with waterproofing spray. The spray is very good at penetrating through the leather and it could make it very wet. This is a very good sign because it’s shows that the boots will be breathable and very neat once it’s dry.

      4) Drying and Storage: The last step of the process is to store the boots in a dry and well-ventilated place. It will be a good idea to use a wooden shoe tree to maintain your boots form and shape.

      One warming though, I wouldn’t encourage you to clean these boots with waxy shoe paste or cream because it could damage the leather of the boots. This is because these boots are made with nubuck leather. And nubuck leather are not very good at dealing with such spray. I hope these anwsers are very useful to you and hopefully you can implement them. Let me know your thoughts on these answers and let me know if you have any further questions. Please feel free to give me a shout.


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