Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Review

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTXProduct: Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX

My Rating: 5/5

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The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is without a shadow of doubt one of the best hiking boots in the footwear market. Even in my backpacking boots for men post, I describe this boot as the “heart of most hikers”. It’s very popular and the way it performs on the hiking trails is amazing and fantastic.

The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX features includes Gore-Tex lining, contra grip outsole, EVA midsole, 4D chassis, sinsifit technology, locking hardware, cordura mesh leather, toe bumper and ortholite sock lining. Below I have explained in-depth of each of the features and how this boot is perfect for day or long hike, and backpacking.

Material Used

What makes this boot excel is the material being used. It is made of nubuck leather and has got breathable textile upper up to the ankle support. This is going to give you comfort and cushioning as you hike with this boot.

The thing with nubuck leather is they are made of top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface. The question that might pop into some people’s mind is, why did Salomon choose a leather like nubuck instead of full-grain leather or suede leather.

To be fair, all three materials are very good depending on how it’s made. For example, a full-grain leather used to make a boot like Asolo TPS 520 GV makes the boot like shiny and posh from the outside. But from my perspective, the nubuck leather gives the Salomon Quest a nice soft and smooth leather to wear. In addition, the nubuck leather makes the boot durable.

On top of that, the Salomon Quest has got a sinsifit foot which is wrap around the boot to give you a nice and secure feet as you are hiking.

Waterproof And Breathable

The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX has got Gore-Tex lining inside the boot. This makes the boot 100% waterproof and at the same time keeping your feet breathable.

This makes it perfect to use in a wet conditions. Moreover, the great thing about the waterproof system is how the heel section of the boot is very long. This means the boot is going to protect your whole feet and above the ankle section. This is super cool to have because if you are doing a backpacking or hiking long distances in a rain, you are sure that your feet will stay dry and breathable.

However, one drawback about the waterproof system is how it’s not ideal to use in a very hot condition like hiking in a high temperature at Arizona. This is because the combination of the Gore-Tex lining, cordura and nubuck leather makes it difficult for the heat to transfer out of the boot at a quick pace.

Lacing Structure

The lacing structure is one of the areas that Salomon did a great job in my opinion. There are many parts to the lacing system that is going to fit your feet perfectly when you manage to tight your laces very well. Below I have breaking them down to make it very easy for you to understand.

Firstly, there are three nubuck lacing holes near the toe box. This is going to be a little difficult to pull the laces through, however, once you manage to do that, it will keep your feet in perfect position.

Secondly, there are six thermal plastic eyelets holes. These are nicely made and injected inside of the boot. This shouldn’t be an issue putting the laces through.

Thirdly, there are two locking side speed-lacing system at the middle of the boot. This is going to give you the chance to tight the laces very tight so that your feet stay perfectly still as you are hiking.

And fourthly, there are four plastic lacing hooks at the top section of the ankle. These are riveted through the boot so that there are no exposing of metal eyelets. This is going to give you comfort whiles you are walking or hiking.

Overall, you can see that the lacing system is beautifully made even though it can be a little complex. And it looks very nice and blend well with the aesthetic of the boot.

Toe Box

The toe box is made of rubberized toe box. This rubberized toe box will give you good and solid protection on your backpacking or hiking journey. You will have a lower chance of injuring yourself badly if you end up hitting against a rock.

Since it has got a rubberized toe box, it makes it smooth and comfortable to kneel down and do some work on the ground like gardening.

The Outsole, Midsole, and Insole

It’s time to look at the outsole, midsole and insole. These three areas of the boot is brilliantly made by Salomon. And that’s why your hiking and backpacking journey will be very smooth and enjoyable.

Firstly, the outsole is made of contra grip. This has got a high abrasion compound which is going to give you a solid grip and traction on the trails. Also, the way the outsole is designed, makes it capable of dealing with all sorts of terrains.

When you take a closer look at the lugs and the outsole, it kind of feel sticky. This is good to some extent because when you are hiking on the trails, it’s going to stick to the ground and give you enough balance and stability you need.

One thing I want to point out about the outsole is how the lugs are shaped very small in sizes and has got a lot of spaces between them. This is going to act as self-cleaning lugs and clear all the mud and debris underneath the boot whiles you are hiking. This helps maintain the neatness of the boot at all times.

Secondly, is the midsole. This is made with moulded dual density EVA. This is going to give you shock absorption on the trials and when you are climbing upwards a hill.

On top of that, the EVA midsole would give you a lot of cushioning and support on the hiking trails. This is something wonderful to have as part of the boot.

And lastly, the insole. This is made of ortholite sock lining. This is a little different from most hiking boots because you can remove it and replaced it with a different one you prefer. Moreover, the toe section of the ortholite sock lining is perforated which is going to allow the air to flow in and out of the boot.

The ortholite sock lining is not that super-comfortable like boots such as Manta Pro GTX or Asolo Drifter GV. But it’s enough to keep your feet comfortable.

4D Advanced Chassis Mid-Foot

Salomon had added something very interested to the boot and it’s the 4D chassis. This is going to provide you with rigidity on terrains that can be very challenging to hike on. Also, it’s going to give you the extra support you need on a long haul or climbing up a steep hill.

The 4D chassis works perfectly with the midsole. It does that by providing extra stability and cushioning on the trails. Very smart move from Salomon.

Gusseted Tongue, Pull Tab and Ankle Support

This boot has got a long and nice gusseted tongue. This is going to help keep debris from entering the boot and making your socks dirty. Also, the length of the gusseted tongue will stop water from entering the boot as well.

There is a leather pull tab at the back of the heel section. This is going to give you the support you need to put your feet inside and outside of the boot with ease.

In terms of the ankle support, there is a lot of padding around that area which is going to give you cushioning, comfort and support whiles you hike. This gives you the ability to hike for miles without getting discomfort around the ankle area.

Colour Selection

Another key selling point of this Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is the varieties of colours to select from. Don’t get me wrong though, it isn’t like Danner Mountain 600 that has more than five colours to choose from.

But the Salomon Quest has got three key colours that most hikers will enjoy wearing them. They are black, brown and green. Below are images of how the colours look like.

Fit and Size

This boot is specifically designed to fit your feet exactly. Therefore, if you are going to buy this Salomon Quest, I will strongly advise you to try them on and see how comfortable they fit your feet.

In addition to that, if you are trying the boot on, make sure to put the socks that you will be wearing with it as well. This helps you to get a clearer indication on how this boot will fit you. Also, when wearing this boot, try to bend and flex to see how the heel and midsole react to your feet.


The weight of Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is 2 lb. 13.8 oz. The weight place this boot in the category of backpacking boots like Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX, Lowa Renegade GTX Mid and La Sportiva Trango TRK GTX.

This boot appears to look heavy but believe me it’s way light than you think. This is going to give you the extra energy to hike for longer distances without putting pressure and weight on your feet.

Recommended for:

  • Backpacking Trips
  • Long distance hike
  • Short distance hike
  • Can be used for constructing work
  • You can wear it at home and used it to do your daily activities such as gardening


If you have read this post to the end, you can see that there is a lot to love about this boot. The materials used are durable, the lacing structure is excellent made and added features like 4D Advanced Chassis gives you the extra grip and stability on the trails.

In my opinion, the price of the boot is reasonable okay. In fact, the price is a deal considering what this boot is capable of doing on the trails.

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As we come to the conclusion of Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX, you can see that this boot is brilliantly made for backpacking and hiking. Some of the features in this boot is absolutely amazing.

The nubuck leather gives you comfort, warmful, and cushioning as you hike. Also, the way the nubuck leather is made by Salomon makes the boot durable. But it’s very important to take good care of it so that it even last longer.

There is Gore-Tex lining inside of the boot which is going to protect your feet against wet conditions. But like I said earlier, hiking in this boot in a 50 degrees is not ideal because it will get very hot inside of the boot.

Nice toe box to give you good protection on the trails and 4D chassis is going to provide you with rigidity and stability on the terrains. The outsole, midsole and insole are all brilliantly designed to give you the maximum stability, comfort and cushioning on the trails.

The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is a boot I really find it difficult to criticize because everything about the boot is brilliantly made. This tells you this boot is a top class made with high quality materials.

I hope you have really enjoyed reading this post on Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX review. If you have any questions or thoughts on Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. ????




  1. Hey Kuu! How are you doing? I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Review” as its interesting and informative. From my perspective, I tend to think that this is one of the best boots for hiking as its long lasting and made up of high quality leather. 

    I’m a regular hiker but one time, I stepped into a puddle of water and the whole boot got wet. Its waterproof and it feels comfortable even if the shoe gets wet. The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is a heavy beast and I like to recommend this to people who are looking for top quality hiking boots.

    Thank you for taking your precious time in writing this post. Keep up the good work Kuu!

    • Hello Av, 

      I’m doing terrific. What about you? I’m super happy to hear that you really enjoyed this review. No doubt about that. Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is by far one of the best hiking boots in the market. Everything about the boot is fantastic. 

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. That’s why I always recommend people to check if the boot is waterproof and breathable before setting out on the hiking trails. You can check my post on how to select the best hiking boots. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future. 

      Me too. 🙂 When people ask me to outline the top 5 hiking boots. I always put Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX in that category. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. And you are welcome. 

      Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip. 


  2. Really detailed review of Salomon Quest 4D 3GTX. I think I like the fact you covered all angle and gave an in depth analysis of why you think this is the best option for hiking boots. 

    I found the pictures of the boots very appealing, and the fact you mentioned the boots can be used on a building site as well was very helpful to know.

    • Hello Joseph, 

      I’m glad you really liked the full review on Salomon Quest 4D 3GTX and the pictures involved. This boot is capable of using to do house work like gardening. This really makes it cool to wear at home.

      Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip. 


  3. Thanks for a really concise review of the Salomon Quest 4D 3GTX. I am looking for an all-round boot that I can wear when I do a long hike but also just for daily winter use. 

    I don’t hike a lot but when I do we go long distance so it has to be a good quality boot but I don’t want anything too heavy for daily use. 

    Based on your review the Salomon seems ideal although it is slightly over my price range. Do you know what kind of warranty it has as I may decide a bit extra and go for this boot. Thanks again for a great review

    • Hello Kevin, 

      Pleased to hear that you really liked this detailed review. Based on your preference, I will recommend boots like Asolo Fugitive GTXLowa Tibet GTX and of course Salomon Quest 4D 3GTX. 

      These boots are going to give you the comfort you need on the trails and at the same time keep your feet breathable. 

      If you want to know the warranty for this boot, you can check this full page from Salomon Boots. I hope you find these answers very useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip. 


  4. This sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for since I’ve been doing a lot of hiking lately. Sneakers, while I appreciate the grips, aren’t made for the common hiking terrain. I love that these are waterproof and breathable! 

    So not only will your feet stay dry, if it happens to be raining so hard that a bit of water gets inside your boots, they’re going to dry a lot faster than other hiking boots (other shoes in general) which means they’re not going to get all gross smelling once they dry.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Beauty in a maze, 

      You are right. Sneakers are specifically designed for walks or maybe running. But they are not made for hiking because they don’t have the features to deal with the conditions on the trails. 

      Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is made for hiking and backpacking journey. It will give you the comfort, waterproof and breathability on the trails. Here is the ladies version. I’m sure you will love wearing them once you have your pair. 

      Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip. 


  5. Ooooh boy those are some sweet hiking boots. The lacing structure on these badboys looks great. When it comes to hiking boots, I’m all about boots that can maintain the same level of tightness throughout the hike and not become much looser as you continue to stretch them by hiking and climbing. 

    That’s where the two locking side speed-lacing system at the middle of the boot would come in handy. My other hot button for boots is the soles. I need a lot of tracking. I walk on slippery rocks, and I’ve had boots that really sucked at maintaining a good, solid grip. 

    The soles on this boot look great, though. They’re weaved well, and they have a good shape. These would make a great Christmas gift! I’ll get a pair of these for myself as an early Xmas present! Thanks for the article! ~Koda 

    • Hello Koda, 

      Nice to see that you are really interested in the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX. The lacing structure and the sole is one of the key features of this boot. When you manage to lace your boots correctly, the boot will fit your feet perfectly and give you great comfort whiles you hike. 

      The sole is sticky and it’s going to give you a nice grip on any terrain and keep you stable. It seems like you have already find your Christmas gift in advance. How lucky you are. 🙂 

      Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip. 


  6. Well done, great write up and review for an amazing product. The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX looks rock solid combined with the quality features highlighted above.

    The sole to me remains one of the best features of the boot; it is rock solid and can be used to trample on hash. Exactly what hiking is all about.

    • Hello Zuchii, 

      Happy to hear that you really enjoyed the product review. Definitely, the sole is masterclass piece. It’s sticky and self-cleaning. It’s going to give you a good grip on the surface and keep you balance. Also, it’s going to keep you sole clean at all times. 

      Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip. 


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