Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Men’s Hiking Boots

Looking for fun or exercise to do? then hiking might be for you. Hiking is a relaxing activity to do when you want to stay away from the stressful and demanding lifestyle we live in this modern world.

It allows us to calm our minds and gives us the opportunity to spend some quality time with nature and contemplate about how wonderful this universe is designed.

Salomon men’s hiking boots are comfortable, durable and sustainable. Hiking boots are an essential equipment and IDifferent Salomon Hiking Boots would even go so far to say the most important equipment to have on your hiking trips.

We’ve all been in the situation where our hiking boots only last about two hiking trips then you start searching on the internet all over again for another pair of boots, at least I know I have on many occasions.

But here at menhikingboots.com you wouldn’t have to. Salomon men’s hiking boots is one of the best hiking boots I have ever come across and after three years I still use them.

When I first saw Salomon men’s hiking boots, I was a bit sceptical about how good their features were. But I thought I might as well give it a try, after all I was after a new pair of hiking boots.

But after three trips in the Offa’s Dyke in Wales, I was surprised at the fact that they were not worn out.

I started recommending the hiking boots to my hiking buddies and before I knew it, people from all over the place were asking me about them, I was SHOCKED! but at the same time amazed at how good these Salomon men’s hiking boots were.

If my buddies liked It I guarantee, that YOU WILL LOVE IT. In this post I would be sharing one of my favourites all time Salomon men’s hiking boots: The X ULTRA MID GTX MEN’S HIKING BOOTS.


The Design:

Salomon men’s hiking boots come in various colours and designs. I recently bought a new pair of Salomon men’s hiking boot(the blue x ultra mid gtx men’s hiking boots).Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX

The blue x ultra mid gtx men’s hiking boots has a stunning bright blue colour with a striking dark blue along the midsole of the boots, with a matt black finish on the toe bumper and the outsole of the boots.

The x ultra mid gtx men’s hiking boots also has three shades of blue spanning from sky blue navy blue and dark blue with striking white in its triangular pattern.

The insole of the boots has a fabulous matt black finish with a black matt tongue. The laces of the boots have a fantastic black and light blue pattern. The boots are both stunning to look at and comfortable to wear.

Below I have break down the features of the x ultra mid gtx men’s hiking boots that I purchased.

The Lacing Structure:

The lacing structure is one of my favourite features of these boots because it is easy to adjust in any type of condition. The x ultra mid gtx has a very distinctive yet effective lacing structure.

With two black and grey metal eyelets and three ocean blue fabric bottoms which is designed to enhance and give an effective, secure structure when it comes to lacing.

This is designed to help you with any sort of adjustment that you need to make to the boot whether it’s loosening or tightening of the boots to give you the most comfortable experience during your hiking trips.

The Toe Box and Back Panel:

One of the things I like about the x ultra mid gtx is that it offers great protection in all kinds of environment. The toe box of the boots is solid, stable and firm and adjustable to your feet gradually.

This is identical to the back panel as it offers the same solid protection. Despite that, the inside of the boots offers great comfort due to the quality of the corvette padding making it soft and comfy.

The boots become even more comfortable as you continue to walk in it due to the structure of the design pattern that is in conjunction with the eyelids. As time goes on, the boots slowly adjust to the shape of your feet.

The Sole of the Hiking Boots:

The sole of the grip has a contra grip sole making it firm and strong meaning that it will provide a good grip even on slippery surfaces. The sole of the boots also has anti-shock material so that pointy rocks cannot penetrate the insides of the boots.

The sole of the boots has been designed based on mountain bike patterns indicating that it offers a lot more variation so that it will be able to handle any type of terrain that is thrown at it.

This type of design can be seen on the outsole (sides) of the boots as well.


If you are going to be in wet conditions, then these boots are the right ones for you to purchase. They are made with mesh and gore tex. These materials make the boots waterproof and breathable.

This means that the boots will give you the utmost protection from water and be able to keep the temperature of your feet nice and cool and not overheated.

Colour Selection:

A lot of you may not prefer the colour blue for this hiking boots. But there is nothing to be afraid of because there are different colours to choose from. These includes the blue, grey and black. Below is an image of them.

What I love about the X ULTRA MID GTX men’s hiking boots:

• It is comfortable to use in any hiking trips
• It can suite any condition
• I love the design and how it is structured
• They have excellent lacing system to adjust during any climb

What I didn’t like about the X ULTRA MID GTX men’s hiking boots:

• It can somethings be difficult to use when carrying heavy pack

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As we come to the conclusion of this post about the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Men’s Hiking Boots. It is very obvious that this type of hiking boots is very fashionable to wear on a daily basis and it is mainly used for everyday hiker and short distances. Furthermore, it tells us that Salomon are doing a great job and they are stepping up their game by developing more simple hiking boots but yet fashionable to wear.

I hope you have really enjoy reading this post on the Salomon x ultra mid gtx men’s hiking boots. If you have any questions or thoughts on the Salomon x ultra mid gtx men’s hiking boots, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. : )





  1. I’ve been looking for a warmer and water proof type of boot. This seems like it might be the right fit for me.

    Do you recommend I get the same size that my regular shoe is?


    • Absolutely Russell. The Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Men’s Hiking Boots is one of the best waterproof I would recommend if you are going to hike through muddy trails for example.

      Secondly, I would suggest that you get a slightly bigger size than your regular shoe. This well really help you in terms of your movement. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Hello Kuu,

    I am thinking about hiking soon and definitely need some new hiking shoes. I’ve always hiked with my regular sneakers and each time I end up coming home sore as heck.
    I never thought about wearing the appropriate shoes since I don’t go hiking very often but based on your review. It seems quite important and I should consider getting myself a pair!


    • Thanks for the comment Eric. Yes I would strongly encourage you to get a hiking boots in your next hiking trips. It well surely save you from getting sore. Try the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Men’s Hiking Boots and see how it goes. You well surely like it.

  3. Oh wow. Those Salmon X boots look wonderful.
    The closest thing i wore to those boots are Timbaland waterproof boots.

    I do not know the model to be honest. But they were really comfortable.
    Btw, what is your best tip when picking new boots for hiking.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience Strahinja. I really appreciate it. Indeed this Salmon X is one of the best design I have ever come across. My best tips when it comes to picking new hiking boots is to look for the size/fitness, the material being used, the slip Resistance and traction depending on the hiking trail you would be going.

      I would recommend you to read my latest post on the Best Winter Hiking Boots For Men. In there I give you some criteria to follow when choosing a winter hiking boots. Here is the link: http://menhikingboots.com/best-winter-hiking-boots-for-men. In the future I will be doing a post on tips for choosing a new hiking boots so stay tune.

  4. I like the look of these hiking boots. Being from Alaska, this is somewhat of a necessity if you enjoy the outdoors. I live in Florida now, but my dad is a true Alaskan and does the whole outdoor thing with his planes and boats, LOL. Having a good pair of hiking boots is a must. I will be looking more at your site and finding the perfect pair for him! Glad I ran across your website. Thanks!

  5. Hi Kuu,
    Those boots are something I am looking for. Finally, I found a good product for the competitive price, my husband will be delighted. I am happy to find such a useful post.
    Thank you!

    • I am extremely happy to see that you love this post. Off course there are amazing prices for this boot on Amazon. So please check it out. Thanks for stopping by Halyna.

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