Scarpa Hiking Boots For Men – Testing It On Malvern Hills

What Does The Term Scarpa Means?

The term scarpa simply means “shoe” in Italian. And the acronym for SCARPA stands for Calzaturieri Asolani Riuniti Pedemontana Anonima.

A Brief History About Scarpa Hiking Boots

Scarpa hiking boots have being in the market for the last seventy years. However, the way scarpa has evolved from transforming mountain boots to hiking boots is truly remarkable. The scarpa company was found by an English business man in 1938 however, in the year 1956, the company was taken over by Luigi, Francesco and Antonio Parisotto. This was an amazing opportunity for the three brothers to combine their talents and skills in manual skills, business skills and reliability to overcome their debts and achieve the Italian dream.

In the year 1960, the Parisotto brothers finally achieve their dream. They were now able to market their products in countries such as Canada, UK, Germany and others. Furthermore, their annual production raised from 10,000 to 120,000 pairs of shoes and scarpa gain a market share of 60%.

However, over the course of decades scarpa have faced a lot of challenges and difficulties such as economic recession and fall of unemployment rate. Scarpa managed to deal with it and once they learn how to overcome these obstacles, they expended their market and got into different footwear such as skiing and climbing.


This year marks the 70th anniversary of scarpa. It is hard to believe how a small business which was owned by three brothers who were in debts have now turned into a multi-millionare company and is one of the best companies when it comes to designing footwear in the market especially for hikers.

This is mainly because of the Parisotto brothers determination, persistence and hard-working for years. Now their company continues to grow bigger after they have passed away but every time I see those hiking boots it always brings into memories of how team-work can produce a phenomenal result. And that’s what hiking it’s all about. It is about supporting each other on the way and having a team spirit of wining no matter what the obstacle is.

Testing The Scarpa Hiking Boots On Malvern Hills

Kuu and SteveScarpa hiking boots for men is very comfortable, durable and can be used on different hiking trails. In the month of September, my dear friend Steve and I had a fabulous and amazing time hiking on the Malvern Hills near Worcestershire.

It gave as a wonderful opportunity to put the scarpa hiking boots to the test. I got to admit that it was fascinating to hike with these boots on a windy and chilly afternoon. Below I have break down the features into categories for you to read, digest and get the full understanding on how the boots works.

Leather Used

Choosing the right leather to make a hiking boot is very important and it could determine how good the boot will perform on the trails and in different conditions such as rainy weather. When we tested the scarpa hiking boots on the Malvern Hills, Steve and I believe that Scarpa did an excellent job in choosing full grain calf leather to make the boots.
Scarpa Hiking Boot

This is because the full grain leather gives the outer surface a finely sanded and texturized finish which makes the boots very shinny on the outside. In addition, the use of this type of leather has a thickness of 2.4mm to 2.6mm which as a result makes the boots a bit heavier than normal boots.

But the benefit of having such a heavy leather in a boot is how it can withstand a lot of pressure and deal with tough conditions such as windy and rainy weather.

And it proofs be worthwhile throughout the hiking journey because it looked very polish and was able to deal with the windy weather and the paved trails. However, after one and half hour into the hiking journey, the boots started to get dirty with dust. But it didn’t get all that dirty and muddy as most hiking boots will. This is why it is essential to clean the boots often and maintain it neatness after a hiking trip.

It is very important that you do not get the leather confuse with different leathers such as reversed leathers or nubuck leather. The reason why this is the case is that different leathers have different uses, features and properties depending on were you want to hike and which conditions you are hiking through.

Lacing Structure

There weren’t enough ways that we could test how effective the lacing structure were. However, based on the appearance lacing structureand how it is structured, we can come up with decent conclusion.

Firstly, there are a lot of gaps between each lace holes from the bottom to the top. This is very useful because it gives you plenty flexibility when it comes to tension and tightening up the laces. This gives you the ability to lace the boot at a fast pace.

Secondly, there are four speed lace hooks at the top of the boot. This is good to have on a boot because it allows you to lace the way you prefer based on your style of lacing. Either diagonal lacing or straight lacing. During the hike we did not stop and lace our boots and this shows that the lacing structure is well-built and constructed.

Toe Protection

The toe protection was controversial between Steve and me when we were discussing this whiles we were hiking on the hills. This is because it is made up of rubber and it is not very good at protecting your feet from rocks. However, Steve found it to give good stability and warmful during the hike.

Ankle Cuffs And The Tongue

The ankle cuffs have a smooth and lovely pad. This is softer than the leather itself which is good because it supports your ankle especially is you have got a bad ankle. It also keeps it warm and gives it comforts.

The tongue on the other hand is specifically designed longer than normal to keep water and debris out of the boots. This really helps to keep your feet dry throughout the hiking trip.

Fit And Sizing

This boot have the perfect fit and size. One of Scarpa’s biggest goal is to provide boots that fit you perfectly. And I believe the scarpa hiking boots is a true reflection of that core value. The model of the boot is will crafted to fit your feet and suit the end use of the boot.

Therefore, the moment you wear the hiking boots, you are certain that it will fit your size and make your hiking more enjoyable. If you are someone who have a big feet then you would surely love wearing this type of hiking boots.

The Insole, Midsole And Outsole

OutsoleOne of the things that we liked about the scarpa hiking boot is the insole, midsole and outsole. The insole of the boot is incorporated with momery foam construction. The momery foam is made of polyurethane which adds a lot of density to the boots.

Since there are different chemicals added to the polyurethane, the temperature sensitivity of the foam helps the foot to mould to the shape of the material. Not only that, but this gives you an extra cushioning, comfort and protection as you hike throughout the hills.

Secondly, the boot have got a high flex midsole. This is to help frame the boots, keep it stable and adding extra cushioning to the boots. On top of that, it offers good lateral support and prevent the midsole from breaking down. The cool thing about the midsole is that, you can use the boots not only for hiking but for walking as well.

And lastly, the outsole of the boot is made of vibram sole and aggressive logs. This is awesome because you can get a good grip on whatever terrain you are hiking on. This was useful because when we were hiking to the top of the hills, it was able to grip the scree and give us a good stability throughout.

Breathable And Waterproof

The inside of the boot is made with gortex. It is brilliantly designed because it is guarantee to keep your feet dry and allow fresh air to enter your boots when it gets sweat in there. This really makes your feet comfortable during the hike. And I can testify that this is absolute true when we were hiking on the Malvern hills because our feet stayed dry after a quick rain.

Where To Hike With Scarpa Hiking Boots:

There are many ways you can hike with these boots. These include:

  • Hill walking
  • Mountaineering
  • Long distance backpacking
  • Everyday walking such as walking to the park

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So as we come to the conclusion of this post about Scarpa hiking boots for men. It is very obvious that this type of hiking boots is well-designed to suit different conditions like rainy and different trails such as scree, grass and others. Also, you can hike with it when doing mountaineering activities and long distance backpacking. The drawbacks of this boot is how it has limited colour options and weak toe protection. But a part from that, I think is an excellent hiking boots to purchase and use on a daily basis as well.

I hope you have really enjoy reading this post on Scarpa hiking boots for men. If you have any questions or thoughts on Scarpa hiking boots for men, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. 🙂





  1. Hi Kuu. Gone are the days of limited choice when purchasing good boots. There are many reputable brands out there in the market now and Scarpa is definitely up there with the best. I haven’t owned a pair of them yet, but i=I will be sure to give them a try the next time I buy boots.
    Many thanks for the information.
    Kind regards

    • Hello Andrew,

      I am very happy that you liked the post about this boot. I got to say the Scarpa hiking boots are remarkable to wear and are worth investing the money to use. So I strongly suggest that you give it a try. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  2. Kuu, These are the boots I need. I love hiking, but my feet do get sore after a while, and there are so many different choices out there, I’m not sure which are better for me. Thanks for the review.

    • Hello JB,

      Good to see that you love the review. Personally speaking I will encourage you to give the Scarpa hiking boot a try because they are super comfortable and keeps your feet dry throughout the journey. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  3. Hello there,
    This is a great article. Just came right on. My husband and I love hiking and using very durable shoes like Scarpa hiking boots are really recommended!
    Thank you for a very detailed review and advice. Do you know where I could buy them online? This is definitely a good gift idea.
    Best Regards,

    • Hello Che,

      I am very happy that you liked the post. I think your husband will surely love this kind of boots. I would be nice to surprise him with this boots as a gift. You can get these boots at Amazon and Cotsworld Outdoor. They all have decent prices for the boots. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  4. Thanks for the in-depth review of these hiking boots, I’ve owned many pairs from all die]fferent manufacturers and after reading this post I will have to give these a try on the next pair I buy.

    • Hello Stephen,

      Glad to see that you enjoy the post. I would definetly encourage you to give these boots a try. They are beautifully designed. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  5. Aww, thanks for sharing this information about men hiking boots. I am recently planning to buy a pair of good boots for my husband. This is why I find the info you shared particularly useful!

    Once again, thank you!

    • Hello Lim,

      I am pleased that you find this information useful. I am confident that your husband will love it. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  6. These look like a really solid pair of boots. As a weekly hiker, I would use these bad boys a lot, so it is nice to know they could handle the wear and tear. I especially like that it has a flexible lacing structure. I have big feet and it can sometimes be a hassle to get in and out of a shoe if the manufacturer made the shoe feel small. When there is flexible lacing, It makes a world of a difference.

    I do have a question though. Where can I buy a pair of them? I really like your review and I am very much interested in a pair of these.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hello Alex,

      I agree with you. The Scarpa hiking boots have a flexible lacing structure and I am confident that you will love wearing it. On top of that, the Scarpa company invest a great deal of time and money into trying to create a boot that fits you perfectly so that you can enjoy wearing them.

      And I think the Scarpa hiking boots for men is well constructed and can fit you perfectly. You can get these boots at Amazon and Cotsworld Outdoor. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  7. I really enjoy reading this post about Scarpa hiking boots for men. I was looking for boots for my father, he loves hill walking so, I think this will fit him perfectly.
    Thank you for this review!

    • Hello Tahani,

      Great to see that you enjoyed the post. I am sure your dad will love the Scarpa hiking boots. So surprise him with that as a gift. All the best. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  8. Being from Alaska, I know how important a good pair of hiking boots are. My dad is an avid hunter, fisherman, and hiker….so he is always in need of a new pair of boots. Funny that I found this review, as today is his birthday and he is so hard to buy for, seemingly having everything. This is just the perfect gift for him! Glad I found this wonderful review! Thank you!

    • Hi Matts,

      Nice to hear that my post came just at the right time for you. Since your dad enjoys fishing and hiking, I believe he will surely love the scarpa hiking boots because it’s very comfortable to wear and it is durable. I hope you can surprise him with that boot for his birthday. I think he will definitely thank you for that. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


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