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Scarpa Sl ActivProduct: Scarpa Sl Activ

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If you are someone who follows my posts, you will know that I love how Scarpa design their boots. Last month I wrote a post about Scarpa hiking boots and my experience with it on the Malvin Hills. Make sure to check it out because you will find it very interesting. However, in this post, I will be reviewing another type of Scarpa hiking boots and it’s called the Scarpa Sl Activ.

The Scarpa sl activ is designed for three to four season walking and hikes. There has being a lot of improvement on this boot but the version that I will be discussing in this post is the extra-wide version. One of the major changes of the extra-wide version compared with the normal version is how the weight has been reduced drastically due to the use of mono density outsole. Another major change to this hiking boots is how the extra-wide version has an improved BXX last whiles the normal version has a BD last.

Material Used

The upper of this boot is made with Sherpa HS12 leather. This leather is 2.7mm to 2.9mm which makes the boot a lot thicker than most walking or hiking boots. However, the thickness and strength of the leather make this boot perfect for tougher hills or mountains.

As the leather is made with HS12 tanning, it makes the boots durable and at the same time, it increases the scuff resistant towards wet conditions. This way your feet can stay dry. On top of that, the use of tanning gives the boot a beautiful dark brown colour. It’s best to use the Scarpa’s HS12 cream on the leather to maintain the neatness and shiny surface of the boot.

The lining of the boot, on the other hand, is designed with leather and cocona. Cocona is a privately-held company based in Colorado. They work with Scarpa company in designing the leather of the boots and adding quality fabrics to the boots to make it tough and solid. One of the benefits of using a cocona lining in a boot is how it is environmentally friendly and it stops your boot from getting nasty.

With the Scarpa sl activ, the cocona adds 800% fabric to the surface area of the boots compared with other hiking boots that only use 20% of cool max. I think this is an excellent percent of fabric to have in a hiking boot because it makes the boot more breathable and removes a lot of moisture from each layer of an apparel system.

Ankle Protection

The cool thing about this ankle protection is how it is covered with a lot of padding. This padding is built with memory foam which is so well-designed that it mold and fit your ankle and leg perfectly. This really gives you extra comfort and make your ankle relax as you hike.

On top of the ankle protection, there is an auto fit collar underneath it which helps protect the areas of your malleus and Achilles heels from getting an injury. For me, that is a wonderful thing to have when you are hiking long distances because it reduces the pain you could experience if you were to break your leg.

Heel Tension

Since we are still talking about protection on your feet, the heel tension is another key factor. The heel tension is specifically designed to give you enough support and grip when you are on a rough or steep terrain. This way you don’t end up breaking your leg or ankle.

Lacing Structure

This boot has the DNA of Scarpa’s speed lacing system. It is very easy and at the same time quick to lace these boots but interesting enough the speed lacing system has got small sizes. The only primarily reason why Scarpa made this decision is to make it easy to get crampons on. This way it gives you the chance to hike in the snow with ease.

When we take a closer look at the Scarpa sl activ lacing system, it seems very straightforward but at the same time very effective. At the bottom of the boot, there are two triangular holes which give you a head start in lacing the boots at a very quick pace. The next six lacing holes look more like round bullet holes. When you manage to pull your laces through these holes and tie them properly, it will give you a firm grip and stability whiles you hike.

There are two loose holes in the middle of the boots which helps shape your feet and position them in the right place. And lastly, there are four rubber black holes at the top of the boot. This is the final touch to the lacing structure because it gives you the chance to tie the lace the way you prefer them.

Toe Box

The toe box of the Scarpa sl activ is similar to the Manta Pro GTX. The toe box has got a rubber that goes around the boot. This is primarily made to protect the joint between the sole unit and the leather. This way the leather and the sole unit can last for a long time.

Secondly, the purpose of this rubberize toe box is to protect your feet from getting any serious injury when you hit your foot on a rock.

The Outsole, Midsole and Insole

Now let’s talk about the outsole, midsole, and insole of the boot. The outsole of the boots is made perfectly and for me it is world-class. The outsole is made aggressive but at the same time technical. This is great to have when hiking on a slippery hill because it gives you a good stability and stops you from rolling.

This way you can be assured of yourself that you are going to be safe and it lowers your chances from falling down and hurting your self. In addition, the outsole has got aggressive lugs at the bottom of the boots which clears debris from the grooves and try to maintain the neatness of the boot.

The midsole of the boot is designed in a smart way to work with the sole. The sole of the boot is made of Vibram biometric trek. The Vibram biometric trek goes through the midsole as well. The Vibram is made of different parts in relationship to this boot.

Firstly, the dynamic TPU shank helps to protect your foot from getting blisters or having a rough time when walking or hiking in these boots. And secondly, it has a PU unit which helps with the cushioning. Furthermore, PU unit has bio-mechanical midsole which is very good at framing and keeping your foot in the right place.

And lastly, the insole of the boot is made of performance flex plus. The performance flex plus makes your feet comfortable when you wear them. However, this is not very comfortable as I expected from Scarpa company. The comfort may decrease as you continue to hike and this can really make the journey miserable if you are hiking long distances or carrying heavy loads. But overall, the insole of the boot is made to normal standards, which is quite fine.

Crampon Compatibility

Another feature of this boot is the crampon compatibility. As I mentioned early that this boot is specifically designed to last for three to four seasons. The crampon rating for this boot is B1 and this means that it can cope with different weather conditions such as snow, rain, and sun. Furthermore, the crampon compatibility of this boot makes it easy for people to hike on hills and mountains.

Fit And Size

Since this Scarpa sl activ version is an extra-wide version, it will suit people who have bigger or wider feet. At the same time, it makes sure that the shape of the boot is kept naturally in place and that gives you the extra comfort you deserve.

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As we come to the conclusion of this post about Scarpa sl activ. It seems this boot is perfectly good to use for walking or hiking on a hill. On top of that, I believe this boot will be fantastic to use in snow if you are able to put on a high-quality crampon. This will really give you the stability and grip you need to hike on the snow. Furthermore, the outsole of the boot is just world-class. For me, that’s one of the key strengths of this boot. The outsole matches with the rhythm of your walking and this helps to clear the debris and the mud away quickly.

One weakness of this boot is the insole of the boot. For me personally, the insole is not that effective as the outsole and the midsole. It gives you the comfort that you need but it’s not sustainable for a long time. This means the comfortable reduces as you hike for a long time. Despite this weakness from this Scarpa sl activ, the ankle protection could make it a little smooth for you.

I hope you have really enjoyed reading this post on Scarpa sl activ. If you have any questions or thoughts on the Scarpa sl activ review, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

And as always have a fantastic and wonderful hiking trip. 🙂







  1. My brothers love hiking, almost every weekend, and I’m happy to see this review. My brother’s main problem is that his feet are wider toward the toes. We hardly find a pair that fits his size. I’m bookmarking this and show this to my brother. He would be glad to buy one.

    • Hello Eli,

      I am pleased to hear that your brothers enjoy hiking on weekends. This is wonderful because it helps them to stay in shape and more importantly allow them to see the beauty of nature.

      I am confident that the Scarpa sl active extra-wide version will fit their feet perfectly. So I will strongly recommend this type of boots for your brothers. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  2. My husband is a hiker, so we have – in my opinion too many hiking boots already – but obviously according to him they are all necessary and I try to believe him (for higher mountains, for middle, for rocks etc.).Your description of this boot is so detailed and so unique that I will definitely show it to him when he wants to order his next ones. I have kind of followed and seen as well other pages that offer boots, but your evaluation is on the top. They are not cheap things that you might through away if they are not good enough, so having all the information is crucial in my opinion – just as you provide every little detail. Congratulation and I have saved your website! 🙂

    • Hello Kisumu,

      Nice to see that your husband is a big fan of hiking and collecting different hiking boots. I think you hit it right on the head Kisumu, it’s true that there are not enough information on hiking boots and this can make it really difficult to select the right one for your hiking trip.

      This is why I created this website to solve this issue in this particular niche. The goal of my website, is to give people an in-depth review on different hiking boots for men so that they can make their own decisions and go with their feelings and purchase the right boots. Thanks for the recognition, I really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  3. I haven’t bought a pair of hiking boots in a long time. My old pair was a cheaper pair just to get me going. So my first thought was that this was a very expensive boot!. I found it interesting that their wide version actually weighs less? After reading through all the features of this boot I can see why it costs more and would be worth the investment for someone who loves hiking. 

    • Hello Anna,

      It’s great to see you. I think the price for this boot can be intimidating when you first see it. However, when you look deeper and analysis the features of this boot and how it can perform. The price of boot seems fair or it could be cheap considering how long it can last.

      It’s very interesting how this extra wide-version weighs less. But this is due to the use of mono density outsole. This is a great strategy from Scarpa because it reduces the weight on your feet and gives you much comfort. I will definitely encourage you that it’s worth buying these boots since you love hiking and it will last very long compared with the other boots that you had. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  4. I used to go camping and hiking back in the days but ive never really gotten down to buying a good pair of hiking boots.

    I must be pretty lucky to have stumbled on your site haha.

    I might actually consider getting a pair for myself since I like the features on the Sl Activ, especially the fact that it has tons of padding for ankle protection.

    • Hey Lucas,

      Great to hear from another hiker. I think you should consider hiking again because the benefits that you get from it is priceless and it energies you. You are right Lucas, the ankle protection that this boot have is great and it protect the areas of your malleus and Achilles heels from getting an injury.

      Not only that but it has other features such as the rubber toe protection, heel tension that helps with comfort and stability. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  5. wow I had no idea there were so many different types of hiking boots. Its great to find a pair that aren’t going to be worn down, and ones that will protect my feet for every kind of weather. These sounds like the perfect fit. The material sounds strong. I am glad they will protect my ankles. Do they come in all sizes? I have small feet.

    • Hello Jayde,

      Nice to see you. There are many different hiking boots in this industry and I feel it will be great to educate people and give them the reviews, so that they can make their own decisions and purchase the right ones that suit them.

      In terms of size, this comes in different sizes. If you are in Euro they have sizes from 27 to 50. Whiles in UK they have sizes from 2 to 13 1/2. I believe you will have a size that will fit you. I hope you found this information useful. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  6. I love hiking but haven’t been able to for a few years now.  I’m glad I came across your review.  It reminded me of taking off and going on a good hike 🙂  You’re review of this boot is very detailed!  Thank you!  I’m bookmarking your site.  Someday, I may go back out and I’ll need a good boot!  I’ll come to you for your references.  Thank you so much!

    • Hello Kaeyoes,

      It’s great to see another hiker. It will be wonderful to see you start hiking again. I can assure you that you are missing the beauty of nature.

      Thanks for the recognition, I really appreciate it. I will do my best to continue to produce more in-depth posts and reviews for you guys. I will be looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  7. Kuu, this is an excellent review! I have really wide feet, so I know the struggle of trying to find a shoe that fits well. It is especially important for a hiking boot to fit well to avoid injuries. I also really like the ankle stabilization piece of the boot. I have weak ankles, so hiking can be difficult at times. The memory foam ankle support sounds both comfortable, and helpful. These boots seem like they can handle anything!

    • Hello Taylor,

      Great to see that you love this review and the Scalpa sl activ extra-wide version boot. I believe this boot fit perfectly for people like you who have wider feet and it will surely protect your weak ankle.

      Absolutely, it’s seems that Scarpa Company has done a fantastic job in designing a world class boot that can handle different conditions and trails. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  8. Kuu,

    What a great review of these beautiful hiking boots! I love your site and have visited many times before.

    As a person with diabetes who still wants to remain active and fit, I think these boots will help immensely! The extra wide fit and lower weight of the boot will help with the comfort and flexibility that I need. When paired with the diabetic hiking socks you shared in another post, this will make an ideal combination!

    I love how well these boots are made from such high quality materials! Because I do have diabetes, taking care of my feet is vital to my overall health. The cocona fabric lining sounds like a perfect fit for me as keeping my feet dry is also a part of my foot care while hiking.

    I also love the safety features that are built in like the ankle support. I sure don’t want to go walking around with a broken leg! The traction is another vital part of the safety these boots sound like they can provide.

    I love that these come with a solid rubberized toe box. Again, with diabetes, toe injuries can be very devastating, so it is good to have protection. It sounds like these boots will provide that.

    Thank you for explaining the drawback with the insole, but overall, I think this boot sounds like the “perfect fit” for me!

    • Hey Karin,

      It’s always great to see you again. I always enjoy seeing you coming back to visit my website and reading my post. You are such a true fan.

      I think you are right on the money. This type of hiking boots will suit you perfectly since you have diabetes. The size of the boot will give you the space that you deserve so that you get enough comfort you need. Also other features like the ankle protection, heel tension and the toe protection will give you great flexibility and comfort that you deserve.

      This boot and other diabetic socks combined will surely make your hiking trip a wonderful journey. Thanks for the stopping by Karin and your comment. I’m grateful for that.


  9. Hello Kuu,

    Thank you for the terrific suggestion for this hiking boot from Scarpa.  Being an avid hiker here in Pennsylvania, USA, I understand the importance of a boot that can be comfortable when walking and give you the support that you need when climbing.  Additionally, I appreciate the honesty regarding the insole; I wonder if adding an insert would make this the perfect boot?

    • Hello Glenn,

      I’m a avid hiker myself and it’s one of my goals to hike at Pennsylvania, USA one day. They have some really wonderful hills to hike on.

      I haven’t tasted the insert inside this boot but I can assume that it can give you some extra comfort. I’m so grateful to hear that you love my review. I will continue to produce more in-depth reviews and posts for you guys. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a fantastic hiking trip.


  10. The two features that I so need are the extra wide and the Achilles heel support. I have wide feet, and many times I just can’t find boots that fit properly. They just hurt my feet.

    • Hey JB,

      It’s always great to see you back at my website. I think you are absolutely right, the Scarpa sl activ extra wide version suit your preference. I think you will love wearing them. Have a fantastic hiking trip man.


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